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Crunched for time on posting today, and these Track Twos have been burning a hole in my hard drive (luckily, only figuratively) ever since Ikimashou went down, so I'll post up a couple of them here.

For those unfamiliar with my Track Two feature, it's essentially my form of "episode impressions", a miniblog updated periodically with shorter entries. Not so much summary so much as Mystery Science Theater 3000. Or, alternatively, episode-by-episode analysis. Enjoy.

(credible spoilers for KimiKiss through 14, Kaiji through 15 and Clannad through 14, and if you're really dense, Shana II through 14 and Shugo Chara through 15)

(will reply to comments on the Lolipop article in the near future, as well)

1/19/08: Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Episode 02
SHAFT, you drive me so crazy~

Zetsubou Sensei is back in full force, and I'm a believer in its insanity all over again. There was some random fanservice in this episode with Chii, but overall it still feels more like what it really should be, a boundary-pushing, nudge-nudge-wink-wink show that is a blast to watch.

This episode, as usual, was amazingly over-the-top. Three language tracks in the first segment - one, gibberish language, two, inaccurate (and DBZ-referential) Japanese subtitles, and three, original speech from the manga. It's brilliant, especially when they differ - although, I do wonder, since a.f.k. inserted the third track, how do people unfamiliar with the manga stand this scene?

The second and third segments are solid, but not standout compared to the first. Some of the new members of the Itoshiki family look to be funny. Kiri's getting more screentime, which makes me happy, although I worry that her character's being warped to be too evil. But, maybe I'm used to the soft characters of shows like Kanon, and so I grew to like the catchphrase of "Sen~sei~".

The OP/ED of SZS are solid as ever, I think Rumba tops Bure, but as good as Romanesque is, Zessei Bijin is the king of, y'know, everything. Just found a remix, Oironaoshi Mode, of Zessei, and it's the best thing since sliced vanilla ice cream.

1/19/08: Kaiji Episode 15
Well, I was a bit off-put by the HAAADO GAYness of Sahara and Kaiji screaming at each other in last episode, but Kaiji's definitely back in top form in this episode.

I can't help but think that this Brave Men Arc needs some serious comparison to AIR, what with my remark about Ishida's death being worthy of Aozora, and now all the "Goal~"ing this episode. Followed by dying, of course.

Sahara's death really threw me off, though, it was so sudden that I didn't see it coming, even with Kaiji's tension. I didn't think he could die right on the spot, after all. Definitely shocking, and representative of the nature of this show.

Although, I did wish that either Sahara or Ishida would have had a happy ending, because I knew Kaiji wasn't going to get any cash here. The way which they stripped him of it seemed fitting, and not-too-horribly deux-ex. It's the kind of logic which makes you hate Tonegawa: it's evil, yet it makes sense.

Likewise with all the real-world truths that he and his supervisor spout. They're very chilling in a sense, because although they go against all the good things and warmth every show has taught you, you can't help but ponder their truth. In a sense Kafuka's Super Positive Attitude in me has prevented me from being left in despair, so although I end up viewing this more objectively than anything else, it's still interesting as all hell.

E Card is the next game, and it looks deceptively simple so far, which is strange. I don't know if they're going to stretch this out for ten episodes or not, since I don't see any more games in the ED. And is Kaiji going to play Tonegawa? Not to mention, what is that thing sticking out of his head in the preview? Only time will tell...

1/20/08: Clannad Episode 14
Every passing episode of Clannad only confirms that I'm a heartless bastard.

I don't know. Maybe it's because I watch with friends, so I joke more during the show, but I've really yet to get really emotional during Clannad. Fuuko got me on the verge but I was essentially cracking wise throughout the whole of Kotomi's arc.

My sentiments are pretty much the same as most on Kotomi: she's a drop-dead moe character, but her story isn't up to scratch. I can't help but think these two are related somehow.

The closure to her arc continued a bit of the ridiculousness, with her parents throwing away the future of science for their daughter and her teddy bear. Sweet, yes, but touching, no. As a rational person, I just can't see why.

There were still some good moments, definitely, and it turned out better than I hoped it would (in the end, the party was kind of superfluous), but it just didn't reach me. I think it was put well by DS over at Daijoubu in that it was a good arc, but one that wasn't really emotional.

Next episode looks very interesting though, as it's either Tomoya or Nagisa centric. I can't help but feel that the preview implies some sort of confession, romantic or otherwise, from Tomoya to Nagisa, and that has my interest peaked. On that note, I hope that they go back into Tomoya's backstory soon; they've been ignoring his father a bit too easily for the last arc or two.

P.S. Kotomi would make a lousy model on Deal or No Deal.

1/21/08: Shakugan no Shana II Episode 14
Yeah, Shana II is definitely moving a lot faster now, and it's the strong show everyone is hoping it would be.

Apparently a lot of people disliked most of this episode, because Pheles was being out-of-character, but that was all explained at the end with the double (and change) shock twists. It wasn't a real Pheles! Something funny and - yup - silver comes out of Yuuji and gut-punches her! And Konoe's not just an average girl! No way!

Well, the first two caught me, anyway. Good to see this show actually do something unpredictable for once.

Shana and Kazumi's DBZ-like love fest (talk a lot about how you're going to win, heart powaaaaaah up, rinse repeat) isn't too grating personally, just because there's some sense of things happening; Kazumi is definitely on the offensive now, although if Yuuji isn't aware of his feelings by now, he's a bloody idiot.

Looking forward to 15 and KONOE'S SHOCKING SECRET, among other things.

Also, that one Ogata girl, the one that's with the other side character, she's not a Torch, is she? I'm reading the signs wrong, right? Two of them in one season might be too much for me.

1/22/08: Minami-ke ~Okawari~ Episode 1
Wow, that IS weird walking. Also, in the OP, I expected Haruka to change into Superman or something when she stepped into the phone booth, because, uh, she's amazing, or something; pardon me, I like Chiaki, but I also like riding the catch-phrase train. Am I not supposed to get the OP? Reminds me of the way they did Genshiken 2's OP.

Would have to agree with many sentiments that it feels like Minami-ke on fast-forward, which doesn't work quite as well. Somehow I feel Special Talent Haruka would have been a show-stopper in the other version.

Also, Kana cries.
Also, Haruka's chest now qualifies as an underseat floation devices.
Also, Fujioka goes all depressed when he sees the girl he likes naked.
And now, for the number one reason why everyone thinks Okawari sucks...no Sensei!! or NINOMIYA-KUN!!

Well, it wasn't horrible, to be honest. First half didn't really click but once it got into the second half it started to hit its stride. There were good moments (overflowing spring, ping-pong, "what's your relationship with Chiaki"), gender swapping Touma and Makoto (plus bonus Fujioka) is still gold, and Kana proved that long hair is always win. Did they take three baths in one day, though? Must be a really comfortable onsen.

1/23/08: Shugo Chara! Episodes 14 + 15
Yeah, like everyone said, it's filler, and it has no Ikuto (and thus no Utau, and really barely any Easter), so there was a distinct lack of caring for this, but since Shugo Chara has a large timeframe to fill, we might have to get used to this.

The filler wasn't horrible as a whole, but it got a bit silly at times; Shugo Chara did a reasonable job of not breaking reality but as much as I think stalker Suzuka (or whatever the second-grader is called) is a cute character, his inclusion in this story kind of broke the disbelief suspension.

Yes, ignore the fact that I think in this world glowing purple snowman is a-OK.

Mihuyu was a bit annoying (being a reserved social retard, I tend to not go for the uber-over-exuberant types as much; Asa is OK, Tomo is a no.) but I could sympathize with her plight of cracking under pressure. Kisaragi-sensei...uh...that's the messy-haired teacher for NanaDrops, I can't remember the similar one for this show, interesting villain, I like the psychological manipulation he used on Mihuyu, very clever. Random technology stuff, less interesting.

That makes three potentially entertaining 'villains' for Easter, each with, I imagine, different motives and morale: Ikuto, Utau, and...Evil Teacher Guy. They are really making and breaking this show, along with Amu. Tadase is kind of typical prettyboy (although his Shugo Chara is amusing), and the other guardians and/or characters are kind of background. Well, except for yandere-style Nadeshiko, who is bloody awesome.

1/23/08: KimiKiss Episode 15
This episode was absolutely huge in terms of the plot, I believe.

I can really see where Stripey and Usagijen were getting at with their dislike of Eriko and Kazuki in general. They were nice enough characters up to this episode but here they're almost evil. Eriko with the "this is my jealous look" nearly erasing Kazuki - what, time for a more willing experiment - and Kazuki getting disgusted every time it wasn't Eriko calling.

"It's just Asuka." Yeah, let me wipe that dissapointed look off your face.

Interesting developments are happening on the Kouichi side as well. It was a bit typical of the whole 'let's leave them alone' segment followed by the 'just kidding interruption', but the end more than made up for it. It's still strange seeing a beach episode without all the fanservice lollygagging; what worries me about this segment is that Kouichi and Yuumi really seemed like a couple already in this episode, holding hands at the beach and all.

It's good, but allow me to exercise Nozomu's "Too Perfect" rule - it's too good, too soon, and with the preview of Sad Mao in...Guys'..Arms, I'm sensing a shift over to Mao, not to mention the whole 'now she's the one that gets confessed to and kissed in the play" thing. I mean, the play talks about childhood friends - that should set off flags!

I'm really, really hoping that Mao's melancholy over Kouichi and Yuumi kissing (perfectly OK to yell "Victory!" at this moment, by the way) is just her introspective about how Kouichi is more successful in love than she is. On the other hand, she's got Kai in the palm of her hand, if she chooses to play that card, which she is teasing so badly.

I think my 'perfect pairings' for this show are beginning to take shape; we will see whether my slow conversion to a flaming fanboy will affect my love for this show as we begin to hit the rocky patch of the relationships...

1/24/08: Shana II / Sign that You're a Hopeless Weeaboo #1
You're watching The Simpsons, and when Bart says "Shut up, shut up, shut up!", it mentally translates into another show before clicking back.

1/24/08: H2O ~footprints in the sand~ Episode 1
SHE IS WAITING IN THE AIR wait no. Well, they started with a shot of the clouds a la the AIR OP. Not to mention, some monologue slash poem thingy that I would put money on it being repeated in 11 episodes, or 23, or whenever the show's epilogue rolls around.

A bit of liveblogging this time around, just to go back to roots. Having fun with this feature. And hey, it seems that the much-talked-about 'weird features' of H2O are kept in the anime, given by the weird...animal...things in the "Presented By" segment. I wonder why more shows don't put animated stuff here; that was one thing I liked about Doujin Work.

Can't decide whether this show is taking itself seriously or not. The beginning says yes, the wild animal chase says no. Should I put "smothered by a girl, entirely not on purpose" on the drinking list? I'll get the root beer.

At least blind kid went for her face when groping instead of her - wait, never mind. Somehow, I have a feeling if I sarcastic my way through this it will take longer than an episode of Zetsubou Sensei.

Do blind people really walk around with their eyes closed? Ah well, realism in anime, who am I kidding.

Also, they're middle schoolers. I suppose this is an eroge, so they all failed numerous times so that they are all 18? Or, perhaps, they're really thousand-year-old artificial life forms? I never fail to amuse myself with that.

Hmm, I think I always start out hating an anime, but then I go all tsundere for it and start liking it; at least, that is what I hope for H2O. None of the characters are particularly likable at the moment, except for maybe the clumsy, spacey Hinata.

Alright, so we've established that they like fanservice. And they're not afraid of panty shots. Good job. Well, Shuffle! still turned out well.

I think we're supposed to pity Kohinata because the bratty school idol and her stupid followers beat the living tar out of her. Oh, she just smashed some dishes and snapped at the male lead. That's because she's just being tsundere, a rebel, and a cold person, who just needs love! No worries!


Ooh, y'know what would be fun? If Hinata is actually some evil contract killer out to get Hirose, which is why she's being so nice and sucking up to him. At least, that's my crackpot theory of why her grandfather knows his name already, and calls him Hirose-sama. Always talk good about your "clients".

There's clearly some supernatural aspect to this...I wonder how much emphasis will be put on this. Additionally, how much of this feel-good "you can do it if you try!" stuff will we get. Way to empower those closet otaku, anime.

Extremely nonplussed about H2O so far, but it's long and far between shows that really grab me from the first episode. Doubly so for harem shows, simply because the logistics of character introduction and the concept of 'light-hearted intro segueing into something more interesting' hold pretty firm. The animation quality worries me though, it's a bit behind the times; but I'm not ruling this show down yet.

OK, that chibi section at the end of the show was really cute and made the overall taste left in my mouth a lot better. How simple I am, eh? That concludes tonight's Mystery H2O Theater 3000.

1/24/08: True Tears Episode 1
Let me preface this impression by saying that it is really cool that True Tears is in HD-huge size, yet still only 170 MB in size. I enjoyed watching shows like Shana II this big, but hated the extra 50 MB tacked on. Maybe I'm behind the times with encoding advancements, but more of this would be awesome.

Back-to-backing this with H2O ~footprints in the sand~; with that one, I blogged it live. This one, I'm doing my summaries after watching the show.

My best summary of True Tears is that it's another show that I'm far too happy to be irrational about. In many senses it was the same kind of intro episode as H2O. Same 'show all the characters', same 'let's have something almost important happen', even some mild fanservice - c'mon, the typical 'peeking in the bath' thing.

And yet, it was So Much Better.

It's probably because I'm shallow. True Tears is a looker, especially compared to H2O. It's characters appeal, perhaps, to a different subset; while H2O has mostly submissive characters that are drawn to the male lead (with one notable exception), True Tears has a few that are decidedly far apart, either emotionally or mentally distant from the male lead. This insight would probably explain a lot as to why I like Eriko in KimiKiss so much; for some reason, the female characters that are cold, distant, unfeeling, in appearance, have always been more appealing. You could even stretch the definition to Mai (Kanon) or Nagato.

It's weird. Maybe it has to do with the American ideal of working hard for your dream, and that allure of "being able to open up a person to the world, to make them smile." Odd, considering that anime fans like me probably need a lot of opening up to the Real World.

And so, despite True Tears admittedly being built on a few choice cliches (chance meeting, childhood friend, dirty commentary male friend, etc), it really has a good feel to it so far. I hope it can live up to the expectations now established by people like Owen.



I have been getting the "too perfect, too soon" vibes for Kouichi and Yuumi too which is yet another indicator it'd be a Mao X Kouichi end. Everything I see a wonderful relationship or perfect character get introduced early in any show, there's likely to be 2 outcomes - He dies or he turns baddie XD

As for H2O, I'd say hold the downloads and just focus on True Tears. While the conflict btw Hinata and Kohinata is intriguing, the harem aspect of the show has me in facepalms XD True Tears on the other hand is a real piece of work. :)

Feel kinda jealous when Johan kisses Pheles in Shana 14. I'm hopeless, I know ^^.








































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