Melty Blood Act Cadenza Sequel Confirmed!

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For a while it was up in the air between the previous news (broken in the preview for the Novemeber issue of Japanese magazine Tougeki Damashii) of a possible sequel to the hit 2D fighter and the consequent removal of the title from the preview page, but now it's confirmed:

Hot meido-on-unlucky-osananajimi action is back, baby.

OK, maybe that is a bit of a stretch for the purpose of random innuendo but the fact of the matter does remain that the Tsukihime universe does contain a lot of seemingly-cliche characters that actually are pretty in-depth and have emotional storylines ... which is why we're having them fight to the death. Or something.

I'm sure there's some sort of reason that could be understood if I could read Japanese but the point still remains that Melty Blood remains one of my favorite 2D fighter series if only because it's one that leans more towards the pick-up-and-play end, with only 3 attack buttons and a shield to worry about.

As such 90% of the attacks can actually be pulled off by someone with little experience to the game; the movesets are relatively simple and as always the combo potential is still very complex, which is evidenced by the fact that I get completely wiped whenever I try to play someone over the age of 10.

Still, 2D fighters have always had sort of an appeal since they are one of the "cooler-looking" genres; if you've ever seen some of the special moves in Melty Blood, you know what I mean. (Sacchin's Blood Heat Arc vs. Shiki, or Ciel's Seventh Holy Scripture)

Or, maybe I like this game because it is with established characters, and it is always win to see and hear Hisui & Kohaku being Hisui & Kohaku.

And now, Hisui can actually moe people to death. Almost.

Rant aside, here's what's new in "Actress Again", from what I've read:
- 2 new characters, Riesbyfe Stridberg (she shows up in one of Sion's Arc Drives, the rest is Japanese to me) and Roa (Far Side version)
- New character select art
- Some new "Guard Crash/Crush" system (this is probably why I keep losing)
- More than one playing style per character
- "5 buttons;" whether this includes shield / heat activation buttons, I don't know.
- More Nasu-tastic storylines

Sounds good so far, although a lot of it is lost on a casual player like me. Look forward to more news on this sequel coming to arcades in 2008 (and hopefully to a home release too.)

(Thanks to Beast's Lair for the news.)


Wow if it's true this would be awesome, cept they shoulda add more characters. Maybe SHIKI as well as Roa. It would suck if this was another joke like Notorious Brand...

YES!!! (and btw, it's NEAR-SIDE route Roa, NOT far-side...nubee...)

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