Melty Blood Act Cadenza 2 in the works?

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That's right. Not version B2 (the PC version of Act Cadenza), but supposedly a full-fledged sequel.

According to the preview of Tougeki Damashii's (a Japanese magazine devoted to fighting games) October 31 issue, there's going to be some news on this mysterious sequel-sounding game in just a few weeks.

Commence hyperventilating until then.

If you're not familiar with Melty Blood, it's a 2D fighter based on the Tsukihime universe. So if you like Tsukihime, Melty Blood is high amount of win, and if you don't, it's still a pretty solid, relatively easy-to-pick-up 2D fighter (only 3 attack buttons and one shield, attack input is simple, most complex attack is a half-circle forward).

Look forward to more news come Halloween.

(Thanks to the guys at Beast's Lair for the news)


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