Eternity Turns 100

What is eternity doing tonight? has become Mega Megane Moé. For the latest posts, please change your links accordingly.
A somewhat non-anime related post as we (and by we I mean me) celebrate achieving large round numbers by reading off more numbers and stats. Come on in, we've got image packs to celebrate.

So...I've been in the business for approximately four months, and I think this is the first big milestone I've hit with 100 published posts (rough drafts a few more). Felt like it'd be a good idea to celebrate with some thanks and some...uh...statwanking, so here it is after the jump.

Days In Business: 144
Posts/Day: 0.69
Surprisingly I've been posting a lot more than I thought; originally the plan was to post one entry a day but as schoolwork and laziness piled up the schedule changed to every other day, to ensure quality posts and retaining of sanity.

Total Visits: 5,123
Total Pageviews: 7,708
Total Visitors: 2,762
Not bad if I say so myself. The AnimeNano and AnimeBlogger antennas have really contributed more than I could ever express to getting the posts out there, much props to them for doing what they do in making the anime community accessible. Also props for those of you who keep coming back - you know who you are.

Average Visits/Day: 35.57
Peak Visits: 270, 8/27/007
35 clicks every day...I can't even say I visit that many blogs in one day! Admittedly there's been a wide variance in visits, especially depending on the content.

The top ten pages are as follows:
1) The Haruhi/Shuffle artbook review, 273 pageviews
2) Lucky Star 15 episode post, 235 pageviews
3) State of Anime 2007, 224 pageviews
4) Lucky Star visual novel news with trap title, 217 pageviews (in one day!)
5) 10 Overused Commandments of Anime, 195 pageviews
6) Haruhi II season announcment The Prestige style, 184 pageviews
7) Ayu and the Uguu~ CD, 178 pageviews
8) Kanon drama CD review, 171 pageviews
9) sola/AIR comparison, 162 pageviews
10) Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei episode 1 "preview post", 162 pageviews
(Honorable mention: Kagetsu Tohya advertising post, 161 pageviews)
So I heard you guys like KyoAni. No shock to me, as I'm an admitted slave also. Some of the deeper content as well got some good views, which is good, as well as the funny stuff as well. No plans on catering directly to the audience as this be mah corner to whine in, but it seems there's always a crowd for what's current, if not what's, uh, moe.

Also, I'm very proud that I've gotten 11 Google hits for "haruhi threesome" because of that trap post I did a while back (and all the references back to it), with the next most popular query being for "asa shigure sex". Ah, the crowds I draw in~

For whoever Googled "haruhi" and managed to reach my blog somehow, you deserve a prize. Please tell me how, though. I've got to be on approximately the thousandth page.

Well, enough of stats at any point, here's me "giving back" to the community, if by giving back you mean redistributing images you probably already have! I'm not an avid image-board scourer but I do visit some regularly and as such I've built up a decent collection of fanart for popular series.

Sources are in entirely random order the Raki-Suta imageboard, the SOS-Dan imageboard, /fate/ imageboard at Koichan, the Tenka Seiha blog (for Tsukihime art), and the AnimeSuki forums. Thanks, random people who draw and post images!

Since I have a couple hundred images I won't post them up one-by-one but rather in annoying free download places; they shouldn't put you over the limit but just in case they're split among services. Each image pack is pretty much as labeled for a specific fandom; I specialize in more of the cute pics (which would explain one reason that these files are small) rather than the sexy ones - I've always though the more fanservicey type pics demean the character - so you want anything even vaguely NSFW, head elsewhere.

If not, enjoy! And thanks for reading!
Lucky Star (129 images, 23 MB)
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (excluding Yuki, 81 images, 16 MB)
Yuki Nagato (117 images, 13 MB)
Tsukihime (93 images, 20 MB)
Kanon (113 images, 45 MB)



Congratulations. 100 posts in four months is quite a lot, keep up the good effort. (:

Burning question though. You recently changed from full RSS feeds to headlines, and I think it's a downgrade imo. Would it be too much to ask you to switch back to full? I do almost all my blog reading through a feedreader, and even despite offering full feeds myself I've noticed no noticeable dip in traffic. Just a heads up.

Thanks. ^^ As for the feeds, caught me red-handed there. Was testing it out today to see if it would change how it displayed on AnimeBlogger/Nano, since it always bugged me that it displayed the whole post in rather messed up (in terms of line breaks, etc) form on Nano.

This one seems to do the same thing but just with the first 255 characters. XD So I've changed back at your request.

Congrats on reaching 100 posts. Though in the space of 4 months, that's close to almost everyday.

Eternity turns 100 years old?! Man! What an old guy! D:

... xD

Awesome. Everyone should use full feeds, IMO. Makes the world a better place. Here's to another 100 posts! And that you don't burn out in the meantime.