Breaking: School Days 09

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Breaking as in news, and breaking as in all the rules in that I'm blogging about 1) a raw, 2) a raw I haven't watched, and 3) a single episode post.

But, hey, School Days 9 pretty much confirms whatever that you didn't want to happen, so it is big. Quick summary and quick thoughts after the jump.

You've been warned. Huge spoilers. Like, Civic rice rocket spoilers.

So, important plot points, with screencaps thanks to Random Curiosity:
* Makoto chalks up another one, this time scoring with Otome (the ponytail girl that liked him since middle school)...I believe in the videotaped bed as well.
* Sekai kicks Makoto in the crotch. Probably a short term thing and not a large fight, but, hey, I know it's going to get some cheers from the crowd.
* Makoto and Sekai end up dancing at the bonfire thing at the end, which combined with some other screenshots seem to correlate directly with the "Taisuke rapes Kotonoha" scene.

So, not all at once now:

Holy shit. The drama just continues to compound multifold in this series.

You want bad end? You get bad end. It certainly is going in this direction as the order in this series is pretty much going to hell. Otome's officially joined the Makoto battle royale now (although Setsuna appears to have backed down from AnimeSuki summaries), Taisuke's 99% confirmed to have done pretty much what no one wanted (yet many expected) him to do.

I don't believe Otome nor Setsuna were ever actually involved in the competition in any of the canon game paths which involved Sekai or Kotonoha - although I haven't played the game - so it's strongly likely that the path the anime is taking is a bit of a compilation of many. Needless to say it's not getting any better as pretty much all hell is going to break loose in the harem and beyond in the upcoming episodes:
* The video of Otome x Makoto
* Pretty much damn everything that's happened to Kotonoha
* Sekai's losing ground as well as losing Setsuna to France (don't think she's broken the news to her yet)
* Hikari might have a role to play if she hears about Taisuke and Kotonoha; certainly won't doubt he'll brag about it, and even if just Makoto hears about it, certainly some interesting possibilities could result.

Seems like we're getting exactly what we expected and more. Certainly the scary thought. Get out your cameras, this is going to be one hell of a wreck...