sola revisited: An Open End

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Going through a rewatch of sola, one of the more appealing animes of the spring 2007 season - at least to a Kanon-type-phile like me - and let me put this simply.

I don't get it anymore.

The events that happen in the final few episodes are great for shock value, but now I'm trying to dissect them, and, I'm just not seeing the connection. I have one particular thing in mind, which revolves around episode 12 - so obviously, if you haven't watched sola, stay far far away, and whatnot.

So, anyway. Episode 12. Huge epic fight scene between Aono and Matsuri. Lots of stabbing and papering ensues. Now, the fight scenes I can grasp. It's a bit ridiculous at times - two paper clones, Aono? - but sola has never held up very strong in the fight scenes. But those aren't expressly the main point of this.

It's not even the deux ex projector that stops everyone in their tracks. It's not quite that Matsuri, after trying to stab Aono for so long, turns the sword on herself. That's a great plot twist in itself. But the question lies in the first half of that sentence.

Why was Matsuri trying to kill Aono?

It doesn't really make sense if you look at it. Before, in the previous episode, Yorito was talking to Matsuri, about how they should "change Aono back to normal".

Now, how are we going to do that by stabbing her? It seems like the only viable plan is what ended up finally happening at the end of the episode and in 13; Matsuri stabbing herself, and then transferring her power through the sword into Aono. So what I really don't understand, is all the epic fighting that occurred in the first 20-odd minutes of 12.

Was Matsuri just breaking with Yorito's plan in the beginning; the whole "Give me Yorito" thing? But, if Matsuri killed Aono, Yorito would dissipate as well. I don't think that sword works on paper people as well.

Somehow it's just not adding up. All that fighting seemed to be just to work towards the strange plot twist of Matsuri suddenly turning the sword on herself; unless Matsuri was trying to tire Aono out so she wouldn't resist (which she ended up doing anyway). I mean, this way it makes for more of an epic final battle conflict thing...but not much sense.

But then again, that's not something sola is famous for making.



I entered not knowing it was all spoiler-like... *bunks head* ;_____; I'm so slow.

Matsuri's plan from the very begining was to get rid of Aono, making everthing that happened not. Meaning No Yorito and no Aono which was supposed to be the case when Aono stabbed herself out of despair. Thus leaving Matsuri alone to suffer and shoulder everything on her own(It was her mistake, I sympathize ok but she's a little dumb for doing what she did) The second that projector turned on (dues ex machina, who turned it on? I'll forgive Sola on that one since I love it so.) She "saw the sky" Yorito in a way accomplishing his promise (This is anime A little silliness needs to be overlooked wouldn't you agree?) Leading to her shocking act of stabbing herself since she has no reason to live making her change her mind by making Aono human. This IMO is a selfish act making Aono suffer although she wanted nothing to do with this from the start. Making Matsuri the actual villain, no matter how they Aono being happy and stuff in the future, I found Matsuri's act despicable and a little childish. And I'm done! Phew...so thats my analysis hehe

Bad Mikoto. *Mana headchop* :P Now you've got an excuse to watch it.

ivy: Makes sense, but the one piece of the puzzle that's bugging me is, as mentioned, from the beginning of episode 11, where Yorito lies on a hill and talks to Matsuri, and says that he wants to "change Aono back to normal."

Now, maybe it's just my definition of normal, but I'm pretty sure normal does not equal dead.

So, I guess Matsuri just said "screw it" with Yorito's idea then? Usually the two of them, having somewhat similar, almost suicidal mindsets, tend to agree on their plans at least...

If you ever seen Gilgamesh, they pull the same trick here. Basically it comes down to using a tricky 4th wall device to pull the imagery together (that explains the projector, and the shocking revelation about Yorito's paper-ness and whatever). It's a bit of a fail, but eh, I'll live.

The whole "why isn't Aono fighting Matsuri" bit is pretty much the same reason why Matsuri isn't fighting Takeshi. I thought it's sort of given but they didn't make a good showing why. At least Aono isn't toally bonkers when it comes to Matsuri, even if it looks that way. We see her turn into a relatively safe and normal person in the end.

Some people have speculated that Matsuri wasn't trying to kill Aono at all during the fight; merely to incapacitate her so that she'd have a clear shot with the sword after infusing it with her life force. After all, Aono's probably not going to sit still and just let Matsuri turn her into a human.

Don't know if you'd buy that, though. Actually, I don't really buy that myself. The sword's powers are really vague, so it's hard to tell what exactly Matsuri was trying to accomplish in the first place.