The Kagetsu Tohya Initiative: Day 2

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Again another raving post about the visual novel sequel-like-substance to Tsukihime, named Kagetsu Tohya. In case you completely missing the rabid fanboying yesterday KT is a sort of Groundhog-Day like game in which the protagonist Shiki Tohno repeats the same day...over...and...over. But unlike other visual novels where the only choice reads something like

"1) Have sex with her.
2) Have sex with her up the butt."

Kagetsu Tohya features a somewhat ridiculous amount of content for just 'one day', in that I've been through the day 20 times and found something new every time. The game's in-game help system also tells me that I'm about only a third of the way through.

Of course, this doesn't count the ten side stories.

I think it's spelled out quite well that, from the 'wake-up' choice of 2 paths, the second path leads to a choice of 8 choices for the morning, and if you pick the right one you get to pick from another 6 options. All this before lunch, where you are treated to another set of 6. It's freaking huge.

Today's post deals with some of the lighter side of Kagetsu Tohya. Since it does have so many paths to go down, a good deal of them are allowed to have more amusing content, whether it be funny, fanservicey, or just plain ridiculous. As such after the jump you will be treated to a selection of the "first third of the game's" most amusing scenes. Hopefully you will be intrigued to find out more afterwards.

"Ciel-senpai equates to curry, and curry equates to Ciel-senpai. No...no curry means no Senpai!"
Ciel plus curry has always been one of the most amusing and trademarkable things about Tsukihime, and as such Shiki is in for more curry-related shocks every time his poor master the user decides to force him down another Ciel-related option.

"Before that, Tohno-kun, I have a request."
"Ah? What is it?"
"Lend me some money. I didn't bring much today."
My bad feelings realized in an instant. But, well, if it can satisfy her, then it might be worth it.
"Mmm, okay, how much would you like?"
"Everything you have."
Ah, nose came out of my wat...no, water came out of my nose.
The above picture and quote is from a lunch date with Ciel at an Indian restaurant, which has to be up there on the list of stupidest (logically) things to do in Kagetsu Tohya, yet also one of the funnier options.

Making up much of the other suicidal options are random barges into the houses of other girls. Three times Shiki has barged into Akiha's room foolishly, and three times he has met a bad (yet strangely funny) end at the hands of Magical Amber, the strangely familiar-looking maid magical girl, as detailed...
"You look happy, Kohaku-san (look-alive)."
I sigh as I say it.

"Yes! This is my only role this time! I'm already sick of it!"
Kohaku-san puffs up her chest.
Really...her face isn't smiling radiantly, but radioactively.

"But please, don't be sad. I'm only a girl of the shadow. I'm happy I got treated like a heroine in the main storyline. So now I'm back to my roots to annoy you to your heart's content! I didn't even get in the top three at the popularity poll."

Uuuu...this is a tearful story.

Although, perhaps a scarier role than that is here:

I do think that is the first and last time in the history of mankind you will see a blushing and shocked Kohaku; or at least the first and last time you will see it and escape alive.

"Were you perhaps...watching?
"Yes! From the beginning to the end!"
She might as well have added a heart to the end of the sentence to fully reflect her energetic happiness.

A more normal (i.e. insane) Kohaku is on hand in many other sequences to provide great color commentary, usually on random moe^11 scenes with Hisui, but also in many other cases.

"I finally have a person in the mansion who condones my gaming! Shiki-kun GET!"

Even her 'counterpart' Magical Amber, who enlists Shiki in one of the most dangerous (and difficult) in-game quizzes this side of...that side, has a share in the fun:
The third question is a math question.

Shiki-san and Akira-chan went to Ahnenerbe. Shiki-san has 1000 yen and eats 3 cookies for 200 yen each, and Akira-chan has 10000 yen and buys 3 books for 700 yen each and 2 books for 1100 yen each and a 3000 yen book inside a display case.

Then, how many pieces of the pie did Shiki eat?

And one wonders why it took me about 20 tries before giving up and cheating through the quiz.

Shiki himself is also very quotable, if only for his wit and rehashes of the famous "This Chair" line:

"? Shiki, you look a little weird."
"That's your fault. Bare legs..."
"Bear legs? What's that? It's the first time I've heard of it."
Bare legs, you dolt!
Bare legs...
Bare legs...


One by one salmon-studden ham surround the black cat.
The black cat turns its back on the ham.
But, still, more ham!
Then I'll change my trajectory...and...HAM!
Ham, ham, ham, ham... HAMHAMHAMHAM!!!


Or maybe his commentary on yet another epic battle between Ciel and Akiha...

Akiha grinds her teeth. Kugugugugu... The tremors reach a new level of intensity.

It would be a grand sight if there were a really big noise in the back ground and a picture of a tiger and a dragon would pop up.

And in a pinch, Hisui's always the go-to character for melting people into little gooey puddles of adorability:

"Shiki-sama, when that time comes, please take me with you. I can't do much, but I'll try my best to support you.

I'm sorry, I know you want to live by yourself, but whatever you say, I need you."


The knife in my hand slips.
How did this happen...
The comment before and this... Today, Hisui's so...
I grab her hands, and we wordlessly look at each other.
So...what's going on...
She blushes...it's almost a crime to be that cute.
Our breaths overlap.
We hold each other's hands and slowly...

What, did you want me to keep going?


KT is indeed awesome! Hisui <3

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