Eternity takes its time posting

What is eternity doing tonight? has become Mega Megane Moé. For the latest posts, please change your links accordingly. The internet situation is getting dicey over here, so if the posts suddenly stop coming, that why. Don't panic, everything's ok, 42, etc etc.

After the jump, have some pretty pictures to make everything better. They're good wallpapers, too.

And I suppose for a bit of extra content, I'll mention what I'm planning to do in blog posts over the summer. Aside from the usual episode posts on both the old (Kanon and Shuffle! need to get finished) and the new (summer series, Wangan Midnight, Lucky Star), I was thinking about doing some special features. The first one that came to mind was one of them famous Power Rankings (notTM), where I rank characters/series with extreme prejudice all sorts of pretty numbers and stats that show just why Mai is better than Ayu, or why I don't like Asa as much, or why most KyoAni things > your soul. Heh, I'm such a fanboy.

You can already guess what I'm leaning towards for topics, either a Shuffle! or Kanon harem power rankings, although Tsukihime might work as well. If you've got any other suggestions feel free to speak up.

See you all soon.

And now for pictures! Let's play the field today:

A very sharp Lucky Star vector of, I think, that one shot that shows up for half a second during the OP sequence at the end.

An Osaka wallpaper with a bunch of random stuff. Still have to figure out what that one kanji says, that's everywhere.

Beautifully done Hisui wallpaper, and while there's a taste of fanservice, you can't see anything, so it's work safe. And utterly adorable. Wai for Hi...gah, I need a new catchphrase.

It's Yuki, in a bit of a different artstyle than usual. It's a bit more dark and serious as a result but it's still very nicely done, as I like this style as well. Plus, it's meganekko Yuki, a dying breed.

Not, a wallpaper, but, Makotofox. Cute, but it'd probably erase itself after a few hours anyway. And also, as a reprise of the famous conversation, it'd end up like this.
"Makotofox, take me to a ero website."
"An ero website? What's that?"
"It's something that gets you all excited."
"Ooh! OK!" ... "YUUICHI! What are you doing looking at this kind of stuff!?!?"
"Well, I decided looking at you naked wasn't enough, Makotofox."
"Yuuichi......why are you talking to your computer...nyuu~"



This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

It's normal for some bloggers to go into a span of three day hiatus, so people usually don't worry about it. ^^; lol

the kanji in the background of Osaka (from Azumanga Daioh) is a simple hiragana : a! That's because, since she's slow, she's always saying "ah!" when she finally gets it (or thinks she got it...)

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