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There really is no coherent intro to go with a Lucky Star episode to be honest. I mean, with most other anime I can talk about what happened last time, or in what direction it's headed, or perhaps make a lame joke based on the content, but Lucky Star...can you imagine an intro based on the content?

I'm not half as ADHD-enabled as I'd need to be to go on random tangents like slice-of-life shows do. I can barely keep pace with the slow-witted Osaka. (or alternatively, Tsukasa) XD

And so the very short blog intro solders on as once again I rant about my lack of things to rant about. Oh well. There are plenty of screenshots after the jump - featuring the famous Tsukasa Stop Motion(tm) - so there's your content for you. Go forth!

The first skit is actually pretty short, to be honest, a short little joke where Konata talks about reading for 'educational purposes', and of course Kagami takes the sane choice and decides that she's talking about books. Of course, Konata is never sane, and she's talking about reading manga, which can't be found in the library. But - at least in my situation in the US of A my local library seems to have a good collection of manga. Naturally it's a lot of mainstream stuff, like the CLAMP works, Initial D, and whatnot, but recently they've been picking up other titles, like Azumanga (the manga. say that five times fast), and Yotsubanned (er, Yotsuba&!).

Also, I shudder at Konata's "educational purposes" of manga, given her love of eroge. At least it's not doujinshi...

Next up is a second Konata scene in which she, like 95% of us students, spends about 5 seconds studying before getting tired and deciding to play games. Heck, I even did that during this post.

Of course, as has been shown before Nanako, the teacher, plays the same games Konata does and thus she has no escape from schoolwork. Although, that is a great line she has there; although she should really be scared of real authorities apprehending her. No, Yui doesn't count. XD Nanako is also noted as hypocritical when she mentions how she was exactly like Konata in her school years. And yet, she tries to change Konata's ways.

All of a sudden I'm imagining Konata as a schoolteacher. What class would that be?

Over to Determined Tsukasa, who is also trying valiantly to do her homework, with about the same amount of (no) success. Why? Kagami explains:

I laughed. I guess this is part of Kagami's charm as well, given that her and Konata are frequently the most witty characters on the show, as opposed to Tsukasa's (and occasionally Miyuki's) raw cute appeal. As demonstrated:

Never gets old, does it?

Konata finally calls Miyuki for help, and Miyuki offers some vaguely reassuring advice in suggesting to do what she always does. Although, I think both Miyuki's and Konata's studying habits are a bit questionable. We've seen Konata's, but I fear Miyuki's, as being the smart rich girl I imagine her usual habits are 25 hours of study a day.

The tests come and go, and the group debriefs in the library afterward. Kagami, still supposedly the smart one (as given by the left screenshot) seems a bit worried, while Konata complains of her lack of motivation. Ah, bribery.

Somehow we flip on over to the topic of blood types, which must be the Japanese equivalent (or alternative) to horoscopes or something. As such, much humor ensues as the characters either fit or destroy completely the stereotypes.

As evidenced by Miyuki: correct...

Less so correct. Although, I would like to see the other side of Miyuki, if she has one. I always seem to find the people who go boxcutter, so to speak, quite interesting. One reason I've got my eye on School Days this summer. Should have plenty of that.

Konata offers up a fair and quite candid explanation of Kagami's Type B characteristics, of which she does have a lot of. Although, of course Konata doesn't list any of the good traits. Kagami also mentions, however, that Tsukasa's the same type as her. That's interesting to note, as decidedly less of those characteristics fit her. Or do they? *dun dun dunnnnnnnn*

The girls move on to the sushi horoscope, in which Miyuki finds herself a rich food - how typical, the Hiiragis are...something forgettable, and Konata's ginger. Uh, which isn't a sushi at all. Miyuki tries to explain it as something that's essential to go with sushi, but it's still...not sushi.

Konata gets amusingly defensive as such. It's also funny about how she talks about 'looking down on' her, and given her height, I have a feeling a lot of that happens. Even if she is just sitting in a chair in this shot.

Halfway blog post eyecatch: ONOES WE HAS NO EYES. D:

More posters. The Mayumi one was in a screenshot above, can't get an ID on these two here.

Test grades come back and OMFG IT'S A GUY. In my Lucky Star? It's more likely than you think. Oh, and Kagami still scores higher than Tsukasa, despite her efforts and improvements. Some people just aren't cut out for it. Wonder how close Kagami came to Miyuki though, if they're even anywhere close, grade-wise.

Hey, welcome back, >< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_wffVHYrbC7s/Rna3PPX0IzI/AAAAAAAACcI/zeswyufsX4M/s1600-h/shot0088.png">
Tsukasa, mmm, less so. Personally, I would be scared, too, although if you're with these people one would probably end up in that state quite often enough to get used to it. Oh well, it's not like you're being costume raped or anything, Tsukasa. (reference GET!)

Konata's strange standing-out hair is brought to attention in the next scene, as the Hiiragis completely miss Konata without it. Of course, it could be her height, too, hehehe. The benefits of Konata's short stature are also mentioned, in that she can get child tickets.

The movie comes and goes, unfortunately without being depicted. I guess KyoAni's already animated one horror film, and they didn't feel like doing another. It's too bad. If Tsukasa had an 'uguu'-fest as well, that's just be mind-melting.

Maybe that's why.

It's still referenced, anyway, as the girls decide to go get lunch after the movie, as they're all probably hungry, as Konata puts it, in another great wisecrack.

So they go to eat at a love hotel cake buffet. Yay for cake!

This must be something we're missing in the US. A 1 hour, all-you-can-eat, cake-for-all, complete with male waitresses (yes, not waiters. well, the voice actor is obviously male, anyway).

Eh, Kagami, what happened to your diet? You were the obligatory "obsessed-about-my-weight" girl just a few episodes ago. I guess there's always an excuse for cake. But man, that's a lot of cake...or is it?

Shiny cake bliss heaven! Funny how cake makes everyone blush with adoration. Even Kagami looks good in this scene. (sounds like a Konata line)

What's that line? Too much of a good thing? It appears so, as the girls' frenzy for cake leaves them over-satiated near the end of the hour, and yet they endeavor on to avoid a leftover fee.

It's another epic endeavor, much like the homework scene a few episodes ago. But it just can't be done.

Or can it? Kagami takes the lead as Konata narrates. Yes, narrates. Not eats.

Well, it was worth a shot, but this is a team effort, after all.

Tsukasa takes a moment to reflect with tears eyes again about how torturous her life is. Whiner. (this comment has been redacted by the Tsukasa Fanboy Committee)

Another short Konata gag as the girls ponder just how Konata buys all her eroge, which are rated 18+ and whatnot. Even if Konata was 18, nobody would believe her. Her answer: her father, of course. A strange sharing of interests. Can you imagine them playing an eroge together?

Father: "What? An H-scene? Now? He was just confronting the bad guy!"
Konata: "Ah, the problem is, you're complaining about ero scenes in an ero game. There is no bad time for them."
Father: "Hmm, you're right, this scene's actually pretty hot."
Konata: "See, told you. Now shut up and fap."


They also talk gaming with Miyuki, who doesn't own a game console per se but "games" using the programs on Windows like Minesweeper and Solitare.

Konata is horrified at Miyuki's definition of "game" but Tsukasa is very much on the mark here in that, even if they are lousy games, they are quite addictive, and when you have nothing else to do at school...ehehehe.

But wow, Miyuki's hardcore. 10K on solitare, and 100 seconds on Minesweeper Expert. Is that even possible? I've never had the skills to even beat expert. Hmm, rich girls have a lot of free time. Or maybe she doesn't like to study either? A scary (yet adorable, if she acts the same way as Konata) thought.

They talk about shopping too. Sigh. Women. What would the girls' shopping lists look like?

Miyuki wouldn't shop. Kagami's an unknown. I have no idea what balsamic vinegar is but Tsukasa would clean out an entire aisle of it. Konata'd go shopping for groceries at Gamers or something.

And to close out this segment of the episode we finally get a pretty nice Miyuki scene, as she faces the problems of trying to give yourself eyedrops - which, if you've never tried it, is utter hell to do. So she goes to Konata for help, which may not have been the best choice.

But it's a funny one! Yeah, try to relax with a face like that. Maybe Konata is enjoying this 'CG event' too much.

Melt, melt, melt, wai! Open your mouth and close your eyes...

Lucky Channel is here at the end of the episode as always, and both hosts are pretty enthusiastic at the start this time around, and it actually lasts for longer than 5 seconds as well.

Maybe six. Tsukasa's introduction is today but Shiraishi quickly stumbles off topic into Guy Matters (don't cringe too hard), which is -

- followed by a reference combat, as Akira mentions how she's the "To Hea-" girl while Shiraishi cuts her off with a scintillating (if not random) Miracle Mikurururururun Minorurururururn rendition.

Shiraishi says good stuff about Tsukasa, which results in Akira summoning an ashtray out of nowhere and giving it to Shiraishi. Y'know. In the face. With force.

Akira then proceeds to refuse Tsukasa's idol status and insult her looks. I like to think she's simply jealous of Tsukasa's popularity (although that is questionable too), as that's the only thing keeping me from killing her with the power of my mind. Aside from the fact that, she's, y'know, an anime character.

Don't look at me like that!

Akira also gives her own lesson on idolness, whether it be how to pose for "candid" pictures around town (Shiraishi may be dangerously too honest in that picture there), or what things to carry around town. Sunflowers and tennis rackets. I don't get it at all but it seems that sunflowers are a popular theme in Japanese anime for some reason. The Shuffle! series has it as a big motif, they're prominent in a lot of character endings (i.e. sunflowers equal happy, like Kohaku), I think they might have shown up in AIR or maybe Kanon as well.

Oh, and Akira tries to discuss some things we probably shouldn't discuss. Wink wink, nudge nudge, etc etc.

The next episode preview features another great, if not disconnected reference (not to mention Tsukasa-ness), as Konata talks on and on about the 1up trick of Super Mario Brothers (NES). My geek-dom is affirmed now, yay! Although I don't remember having to repeatedly hit the A button, I thought you just have to set it up right...?