Shuffle! Memories 1 - What's new is old, and what's old is...old

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Mayumi reveals she is actually an angel from heaven. Paradoxes and intense fanboying ensues.

What?! Another series!?

Yes, it's another anime I'm watching.
Yes, it's another anime I'm blogging.
Yes, it's another Shuffle! But not really - it's mostly a recap series, but I've heard there is some minor new content in there.

Still, Shuffle! is Shuffle! and one of the more interesting eroge adaptations comes around for its second shot. Although perhaps a Tick! Tack! or Really? Really! anime adaptation would be interesting - but I don't per se know the actual stories behind those games. If there are any.

P.S. Dear Navel, stop using punctuation in your game titles.

OK, technically, I haven't finished blogging the real Shuffle!, but I've finished watching it and I think that merits a Memories watch and recap.

The intro is mostly cut and pasted clips - for now anyway - but there are a few new and or important shots. For example, Primula is on the ceiling at the end of the intro. Why? Because. I only wish there was some plot to give away.

Hit the jump for spoilers for the Shuffle anime plus recap. If you're a purist, stay away.

We get a very nice new scene in the intro, of either Nerine or Lico (can't quite tell with the resolution) spreading wings and flying with Rimu. You could almost draw the connection between the two, although the whole 'Rimu in a test tube' shot was dropped this time around.

Also, bonus points for very topical lyrics; such as when they start talking about 'past remaining in the heart' we get shots of Lico and Killer Loli Kaede.

I can't quite spot this Mayumi scene, but I'm pretty sure it's old footage and not new. Nevertheless, it's Mayumi, so you get more pictures of her. She is also notable for being the only character with major fanservice in the intro (the 'I'm rubbing my ass in your face to punish you [yeah right]' scene from episode 11). ShuffleMemo seems a lot toned down with the fanservice; perhaps because they no longer have the R-15 rating.

Anyway, Rin's narrating from 10 years into the future. I have no idea if we'll ever get back to the present or if that's just an arbitrary number; but the thought of a twentysomething cast certainly is interesting.

He does his best to explain the merging of the God and Demon worlds, and why magic exists now, but it's really a stopgap explanation at most that really needs to be at the beginning of the original series as well. I've heard there's more explaining in Shuffle! Prologue, so I'll have to check that out.

It's brought up that interracial marriage is common within the worlds now, and there are plenty of halfbreeds out there. This overall turns out to not be important to the plot as only special halfbreeds like Asa have even the possibility of using magic. It's a recessive gene, I suppose.

Also, of note: Mayumi's the only other half I can think of at the moment. Suddenly her dual eye color seems to almost make some sense; the red + blue reminds me of Sia + Nerine as well.

Pretty much back to square 1, as we begin introducing all the characters, beginning with Kaede, who wakes Rin up in bed as always.

We get a large part of Kaede's story, although a lot of it remains hidden for the sake of Shuffle! viewers new to the series. The 'you deserve to die' flashback is shown, and Rin also mentions the uber-fatal car accident, but that's all. If that can be considered all.

Of note: Kaede's either a really good cook or Rin's really a suck-up. Although she apparently pales to the Shocking Shigure and...

Kareha the Cure. I must say, not the same ring, in English anyway. But, wow, 3 good chefs in an anime? That's above average. Now where's the Ayu-class cook of the group?

Rin retcons a bit when he references, I believe, a scene from the original eroge that never appeared in the anime. Which is rather strange, as the anime very rarely pulled punches when it came to fanservice - a sharp contrast with comparison to many other purified h-games-turned-anime, such as Kanon, AIR, Tsukihime, To Heart (technically)...

Kyon's Rin's wit is what is saving ShuffleMemo right now, personally. He's very tongue-in-cheek about describing all the characters in his life. Because they really are people that are crazy to know and to explain to others...

Not pictured: the fanboy "secret service". Burn and die.

Rin says he and Kaede are living very happily together. Which, is a lie and not a lie, in that whole psychology "happy...but not really happy" delusion.

Next is Sia with her own wake-up scene, from her first date with Rin. He says he doesn't even want to mention the mess her lovesickfest caused. XD Truth in that - Sia is arguably one of the more energetic and genki Shuffle! characters, not to mention committed.

Speaking of energetic, how about her dad and the ensuing "chair-fu"?

Rin also mentions the 'bridal training regimen' of Sia, which he equals to Kaede in status. Not sure if a method such as that is entertaining or scary - just be glad he doesn't know of her 'battle panties'.

Or does he?

Anyway, we introduce both parents, the God and Demon, and their amusing relationship both with themselves and their daughters. I always wonder how the two worlds came to peace with each other - perhaps it's just a competitive peace.

But then we get the Haruhiist scenarios where the world is thrown into chaos if Rin picks the wrong girl.

Demon Guy (er, Forbesii) has a lot of interesting character traits, apparently. He's a flirt with both genders (suiting of his looks), and he's also a versatile parent, given that he hand-sews all Nerine's clothing. Which is neat, scary, and neat. But mostly scary.

Speaking of Nerine, whose bright idea was it to have two Rins in the same series?

P.S. Nerine doesn't have an waking-up-Rin intro (shame, too) so we cut to the fanservice of many, many full body pans of her in the swimsuit. And also her squishing Rin.

Rin continues to hide secrets - he compliments Nerine's beautiful singing voice; but if this is 10 years later he should know the true origin of that voice...unless he forgot! Alzheimer's is kicking in earlier and earlier apparently.

New eyecatch! With the happy music and happy girls, without fanservice! Approve.

Primula, she of the purple hair who 'doesn't know how to interact with humans', is next up in introduction order. Nagato Rin makes very optimistic assumptions of Rimu, blaming her lack of social skills on lack of social opportunities.

And, y'know, not that whole 'test tube experiment' issue.

Although, the test subject theme IS brought up.

And now for really annoying Engrish HALLOOOOOO person with awesome >_< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_wffVHYrbC7s/RkuFhhD4lHI/AAAAAAAAAnY/ekDleoOv-9A/s1600-h/shufflememo-1-1.png">
And also whatever face this is. Diamond face?

Funnily enough, Rin has nothing but good things to say about this "Wonder Woman." You wonder why, hmm? It couldn't be that he likes her, no, no way...

Although, he does a good job at playing that possibility off by characterizing Asa as the person who would rather be friends than lovers - which is very true, since she does technically the least Rin-chasing in Shuffle!

In fact, Kaede x Rin seems more apparent from the recaps, as we go back to the first episode where Asa compliments that shipping.

Also, the first fanservice recap shot, not counting the intro: Rin getting shoved under Asa's skirt when hiding from the annoying fanboy secret service.

Rin mentions nothing of Asa's past but does discuss Ama, and her relations with her daughter, which apparently are very good. But, as a second-time viewer should know, they weren't always.

He brings up two very important things about Ama: her Ayu hat and her connection to Rimu - both vital to the test tube plot.

With the main characters run through, we now move on to some of the secondary, such as Kareha No Last Name (and definitely not Misaka for sure this time).

Apparently she's got quite the following too - although rather illogically, as her romantic visions are, as Rin puts it 'peculiar'. I'd call it 'crazy.' But at this rate, what Shuffle! girl doesn't have a following?

(P.S. Rin mentions Kareha's little sister Tsubomi by name and name only)

Although, Rin does mention that Kareha can be very mature at times, which is very true - but seriously, all the shiny and mymymy-ing is a bit of a detriment.

Itsuki's up next, with the hilarious music.

He's apparently a genius, which is really surprising coming from someone named Itsuki, not to mention a Second Male Character. Must be the glasses. The awesome, awesome Eriol-shiny glasses.

Itsuki, who is strangely popular with the ladies, is like that way because of his h-game-mimicking Nice Guy personality, which draws them in, until they're in his grasp and then...snap! He scares them off with the Harem Pervert mentality. Wait, that's not how it's supposed to work, is it.

And now for Mayumi! Finally! Flat chest alliance fighto!

Anyway, we get more Mayumi fanservice (making up for lost time, apparently). Rin describes her as an energetic girl, which quite possibly could be the worlds' biggest understatement.

She carries a camera around all the time - Tomoyo type plusplus! Just what we needed to hear! Also, as mentioned, she's a crossbreed that used to live in the demon world. Wonder how immigration requirements work in between the two worlds.

She lives in a public bath? Is this some sort of translation error? That's a rather strange fact - I suppose she lives by herself then, although I would prefer a house to a bath personally.

Also, insert pedophilia joke with the naked little kids. Beats the adults, at least, I would imagine, and Mayumi wouldn't be able to handle the women on the right side (with, y'know, breasts) so she sticks with goggling at little boys.

Nadeshiko the teacher is the last character introduced, and I really have nothing interesting to say about her. She's your stereotypical hard-exterior soft-interior with the bust size of a typical anime teacher (which is to say, scarily large), and...uh...who cares?

Rin ends the episode on a card-drawing analogy, which I'm sure has something to do with the Shuffle! name. Also, he calls his life 'crazy', 'without a break', and a 'soap opera'.

That's a QFT post if I've ever seen one.

Well, the recap episode's over. Tune in next time for...a recap episode. Gotcha!