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Sayuri needs an ending too, except without Mai. Great characters separately but I'm not feeling the yuri.

Hurry up, plot.

The fifth episode features a little of plot and a lot of awesome. In some cases, such as Mai, perhaps both at the same time.

Kyon Yuuichi has his sharp wit in full form this episode:

What happened to us, Mai!?
Such as interpreting Mai's words, or lack thereof, for Sayuri, a somewhat recurring and completely awesome gag.

By the way, I'm only kidding, I'd pass on the yuri ending here. God, I feel bad just writing all these dirty jokes. Don't worry, I've got plenty more.

A fox is fine too.

And also when he interacts with Makoto throughout this episode - the 'ero-hon' conversation was definitely one of those rare laugh-out-loud conversations in Kanon. It's just a shame that we don't see the actual conversation as in Kanon 2002.

Not to mention the pictured bathtub scene (with bonus 3D animation). You have to appreciate Yuuichi's sharp wit in the face of impeding death. Although he brought it a bit on himself...

Although, sometimes I wonder what would've happened if it was one of the other, non-rebellious Kanon girls, such as Nayuki, in that situation instead. I'm sure some of them wouldn't mind as much.


Stop looking at me like that, Kanon was originally a H-game anyway, it's not like I'm giving them new ideas. >_>

Anyway, back to the plot and foreshadowing after the jump, so stay far, far away if you have not finished the series unless you want me to tell you that Ayu ends up dying at the hands of Akiko's jam, and Makoto gets hit by a bus, and Mai eventually falls for Nayuki instead of Yuuichi.

Yeah, I know, I'm funny.

Although I was very tempted just to rearrange the girls' fates, but I figure that'd be too much spoilers.

Anyway, despite ending last episode on a cliffhanger, ep 5 still opens with the Token Dream Sequence from everyone's favorite dead (but not really) loli. Note to self: stop using "everyone's favorite ___" as a catch phrase. Shiori doesn't like people who say that.

And century after century...damnit Yuuichi, hurry up!
This time in the dream sequence we actually get a shot of Ayu Ayu. Although she's mostly obscured smart viewers should be able to figure her out through the hair ribbon thing she has - we've seen enough of her in the Real Flashbacks so far.

She mentions the passage of time. The long, long passage of time. The long, long, looooooooong passage of time. How many years, I wonder (but not really)...

What are you doing here by yourself, little girl?
Also, we get a shot of the Very Important Bench by the Very Important Hospital. No explanation should be needed for these two. Not sure if this is the bench where Ayu and Yuuichi always meet (there seem to be more than one, right? the flashbacks usually take place at the bench in the shopping district) but this is the place where the two make love kiss later in the series.

Demon slaying demon slayer demon slaying demon slayer demon - my tongue!
Anyway, where were we? With Mai! Wai for Mai! (/catchphrase'd)

She mentions how she slays demons, which is obviously a rather odd hobby, third only to standing around at school at night with a sword, and standing around in the courtyard waiting for some random guy who you met the day before.

Logical viewers may be tempted not to take her seriously, as it seems rather silly and the demons are not really 'shown' until double-digit episodes, but Mai's all serious and business-ish. Her idea of a joke is probably locking people out of rooms because they said not to let anybody in.

P.S. If you get it, please explain it better than I did.

White rice: the meal of men.
Anyway, we get Ninja Ayu infiltrating the Minase household again. Yuuichi clearly has his 'Ayu's dead, she can't exist' shields on subconsciously as he takes a good minute or two to notice her. He then tries to shoo her away. Gee, what happened to harem master Yuuichi? Can't take them all at once it seems.

Also, in vague plot terms, does Ayu really have a house to go back to at this point? Besides the whole hospital point, what ever became of Ayu's father?

Yes, I'm as healthy as any other girl you know.
Token Shiori scene. I'm really beginning to like Shiori a lot more this run-through. Although her story and, perhaps, character are horribly cliched, she's the brightest of the Kanon characters at times. Not to mention damn cute.

And also a very good liar. Cold, c'mon, seriously?

10 out of 10 on the naive + cute scale as well.
Siscon freaks around the world rejoice. It's too bad that Shiori and Mai never set up shop in the Minase household, that'd be some interesting reactions - also to see how many girls Nayuki can take Yuuichi bringing in before she goes Kaede on their asses.

Which would be equally interesting.

(disclaimer: Kaede is awesome, cute, and very sad, even without snow)

Ayu Makoto learned something new today

Speaking of the naive scale, it just went through the roof with Makoto, who doesn't know what anything is, resulting in more amusement. (Too bad she didn't walk in on him with the ero-hon.)

This probably reflects a bit more on her character as all Makoto should know about human things are what Loli Yuuichi told her seven years ago. Or at least she doesn't remember what a lot of things are; only what she's supposed to like (based on Real Makoto's tastes; see episode 23).

rawr *shot*
Well, this quote speaks volumes, so I'll go off on a tangent instead. How much does Akiko know of Makoto? She knows of Yuuichi's fox from long ago, and it wouldn't be a stretch for her to know Yuuichi's first second crush's name, Makoto Sawatari. It'd be a lot harder for her to connect the dots here, though, unlike with Ayu.

I'm leaving Sayuri in your hands, Yuuichi. *shot more*
Mai plays the Plot Device in these early episodes, showing an incredible extent of knowledge about Makoto, and later, Ayu. She treats Makoto like the animal she is (don't get any ideas now), and also urges Yuuichi to take care of her, because she'll need it.

I wonder how Mai knows all this stuff. Is this part of her innate power, similar to her healing powers? Does she have this knowledge as part of Ayu's wish? Who knows...

Speaking of Ayu's wish, some Haruhi parallels need to be drawn there - if she has the power to make everyone around her loved one happy, for one...



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