Skip a Few Beats (Image post - no writing posts until 14th)

What is eternity doing tonight? has become Mega Megane Moé. For the latest posts, please change your links accordingly. OH MY GOD A HIATUS WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE


Excuse me.

Gearing up for some super special awesome features here at Eternity to close out December, so no posts until the 14th. That's two posts' worth of Shiori raving anime ranting, so to make up for it I'll post some random images that I've culled from imageboards and the AnimeSuki forums after the jump. (21 images. Isn't it sad, 56K?)

Also more crossed out stuff.

One (or two) pictures from each of my main image folders. I have far too many anime images but you have to have a good stash of pictures in order to dig up something completely irrelevant to a blog post.

All credit to the original fanartists, wallpaper makers, etc.; all I do is drool and pass it on to you. The images, that is. So:

Whoever invented this crossover is a genius. Genius, I tell you.

Yotsubato anime. Possible? I think it'd be good.

I'm really lacking in Tomoyo and Eriol images to be honest.

Ryou needs an arc in Clannad, or else there is no justice in this world. Well, aside from the Justice in Doujin Work.

I still feel vaguely wrong that my favorite Da Capo character is a cat-girl maid, but then the feeling passes. Maybe it was gas.

This is Hanepin, not Mikuru. Although they are surprisingly similar...

Best Ryoko mod so far. I don't care anymore. Just shoot me. There's no way she's got a knife behind her - ah, I don't even know the original reference of this, I just steal it from AoMM.

Ayu isn't my favorite character, but this is a drop dead sexy camera angle.

I actually do like vanilla ice cream, and ever since Kanon I've had an urge to find a tongue depresser and eat ice cream with it.

If Hiyori was in this picture I could have distilled Lucky Star's awesomeness down to one picture. Or at least my favorite characters from it.

Nothing to say about Aoi, yet...not until her evil mastermind plot is revealed in the closing episodes! Right! Right!? ;_;

Yuuki from Nanatsuiro Drops, that one magical girl show I won't shut up about. Has some amusing magical-girl-for-dummies moments, and, well...megane override makes her auto-win. Although I consider Sumomo the better character.

If I had one background (as opposed to 100. Seriously.), it would be this one. It's absolutely perfect as far as I'm concerned.

It was hard to find a spoiler-safe School Days image. Is this a Lucky Star parody? I can't read the text.

So I heard you like crossovers. Mm, all we need in here is Haruhi.

Oh where, oh where are all the Sia images? Oh where, oh where can they be? I like the color arrangement on this one, at least. Was tempted to post up a megane-Nerine but realized I was going a bit overboard in that fanboy department.

The full cast! I'm still looking forward to the second OVA of sola getting subbed. And wasn't there a visual novel as well?

Lacking in images for this too because AnimeSuki thread for TokiMemo is huge and Danbooru has stupid porn ads. (hello, hit counter)

More Spell Cards need to look this awesome in the Touhou games. I want to say this is Master Spark but it's Alice doing the attack; probably some yuri-induced training thing thing. My entire Touhou fanbase knowledge is based of IOSYS, so don't kill me too hard for all the mistakes in the last three lines.

For some reason, Tsukihime has the most awesome character set. I can hardly think of one female I dislike - Arcueid comes the close. But Sacchin and Hisui are godly tier puddle-meltingly cute, Kohaku and Ciel are alternatingly intriguing and funny, and even Akiha manages to overcome her siscon tsundere status. I mean, wow.

And close it out with a little Nagato. Perhaps not the best image but I just like the way this looks - the pensive look, the grass background, the realistic style, it seems to work pretty well.

Well, so much for a short post.


"It was hard to find a spoiler-safe School Days image. Is this a Lucky Star parody? I can't read the text."

It says "ii kagen ni shinasai" - the corresponding line that accompanies that pose in the Lucky Star OP.


I don't get the first crossover. Misuzu on the right, and on the left we have...? D:

Also, Shiori's not eating from a tongue depressor. That's what's included with ice-cream in cups; it's a scoop.

Oh, and I hope you like learning Japanese and purchasing a PS2 in order to get Aoi's story. :D

The visual novel of sola is a lie. Like cake.

Finally, Danbooru's ads disappear when you install Adblock Plus for Firefox, with two filter subscriptions; EasyElement and EasyList (USA). Never seen any so far myself. :P


You've never played Kagetsu Tohya (play it after Tsukihime, as it's its "sequel")? You'd find out more about her otherwise. :P

Orion: Gotcha, thanks.

Owen: re Shiori: well, it wasn't a spoon. That was confusing enough for someone used to eating out of ice cream cartons like me. XD

Will have to checkout that Adblock Plus, thanks.

And the first crossover...I guess it's harder to spot than it looks, but it's Sakura Kinomoto. :D

Finally, yeah, what TheBigN said about Tsukihime/Kagetsu Tohya. They're pretty gripping reads, at least to me.

You poor, uncultured person. That is not a tounge depresser she's eating it with. Have you never had cafeteria icecream? Those are the little wooden things they give you to eat it with.

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