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A bit of a lighter post today as there's a bit of a crunch for time.

Short story shorter being a highly impressionable student I have had many opportunities to laugh at how anime makes you look at ordinary things in a very strange manner (and coincidentally, cause ordinary people to look at you in a very strange manner). And now it's time to share some of those ways, handily compiled in Mildly Amusing quiz format.

Some of these are actual trains of thought I've ridden but more of them are cleverly obvious disguised references to pretty much anything out there. A sign of your anime fandom may be how many you get.

And by anime fandom, I mean "amount of shows you watch that are the same as the ones I watch and/or have heard of."

1) Nissan is:
a) A car brand.
b) Misspelled.

2) Cats are:
b) Good pets.
c) Fine too.

3) In the name of -
a) - love
b) - the moon, I will punish you!

4) Points and lines:
a) Are used in math class.
b) Can only be seen with your glasses off.

5) Da capos and arias are:
a) Musical terms.
b) Long-running series.

6) Snow is:
a) Cold.
b) Very sad (yet awesome).
c) YUKI~

7) Define tsundere.
a) What?
b) A character that exhibits both cold/mean and affectionate characteristics.

8) Serial depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, animal abuse, and stalking are:
a) Very bad things.
b) Hilarious.

9) Boxcutters are good for:
a) Cutting boxes.
b) Plot development.
c) Falling at improbable angles for dramatic effect.

10) Sunlight burns me. Why?
a) Because you haven't been outside in three days.
b) Because you died and were brought back to life.
c) This question insults me. D:

11) The fastest car in the world is:
a) A Formula 1 car.
b) Twenty years old.
c) Sitting in a junkyard somewhere registered to my name.

12) The key that holds the power of darkness:
a) Is something obviously very evil sounding.
b) Is pink.

13) The opposite of dark is:
a) Light.
b) Krad.
c) God, I can't believe you watched such fangirl yaoi-bait like that.

13a) What always triumphs?
a) Justice!
b) The promised girl.
c) Love and friendship.

13b) Continuing off of question 13a, Justice =
a) The defeat of evildoers everywhere.
b) "Sora!"

13c) Continuing off of question 13b, Sora =
a) Japanese for 'sky.'
b) Gao Gao Stegosaurus!
c) Was that the best thing you could come up with? And you didn't even include the technically correct answer.

14) What is wrong with "the world?"
a) We sleep soundly while people in the third world starved. And this is a stupid pun.
b) She kissed him when he was totally going out with that other girl.

15) Finished.
a) Finally, this stupid quiz is over.
b) What is? The three years of your short life?

No points for figuring out that B and occasionally C were the anime answers, but bonus points for being able to catch every reference. Shouldn't be too bad, considering that I'm not a hardcore viewer. Hope you enjoyed the light break.



For me, the problem with "the world" is that I am incapable of hearing it in my head as anything other than ZA WARUDO.

I don't even like that show.