Oh my God they killed Tsukasa

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Just a short newspost for today, since it's something I heard of off the AnimeSuki forums and haven't seen much news about recently (maybe since it's originally two months old, anyway, but right now is prime time for Lucky Star).

Short story shorter, the Lucky Star bandwagon marches on as the manga and quite popular anime marches on to conquest it's next media form...books. The Lucky Star light novel, "Lucky☆Star Satsujin Jiken" (Lucky Star Murder Case) is due to be released on September 1st.

Certainly it seems like odd material for the lighthearted slice-of-life show but this probably means we'll either get a parody or another Remote Island Syndrome setup. It's certainly an interesting and altogether different premise and I look forward to seeing how the Lucky Star characters fare in a more...drawn-out storyline.

And in case you haven't put together the pieces from the title and the text, take a closer look at the snapshots in the cover art. Yeah. Might be Yutaka on the right too. Man, they kill off all the innocent naive characters? Those are the funniest.

Still, I look forward to seeing just how the false murder mystery plot is going to get pulled off - not to mention who's behind it (Miyuki. You know it.). I say false perhaps out of knowledge of the tone for the series - and for the fact that if it's not, I'll be the first with a pitchfork.



Lucky Star meets Higurashi no Naku Koro ni?

I say it all ends in a dream, like what I said on AnimeSuki.

DS: Every time someone mentions Higurashi I wish I had watched it before it was licensed. XD Will have to rent the DVD some day or something.

Mikoto: It's a good idea and allows for a lot of random insanity and parody and etc, but...ever since Mario 2, dreams have been so...so...tacky and cop-out-ish, personally. Just my thought.