Da Capo 22: Singing the Praises

What is eternity doing tonight? has become Mega Megane Moé. For the latest posts, please change your links accordingly. What can I say? It ends up getting better in the end after all. Even if the episode was 99% predictable from start to finish, I find myself to really be a sucker for visual novel conversions.

Although I've been through the same forced emotions tens of times, the eleventh time that a seemingly normal, happy character that will last forever dies, dissapears, or otherwise comes down with a case of Serious Plot, I still manage to tear up like the sap I am.

And what really makes things, well, funny in a way is how even my computer is in cooperation with it...

My computer has a program that changes the background every minute or so to give me an excuse to download and keep 5 more Nagato wallpapers keep things fresh, but somehow right in the middle of Yoriko's goodbye scene, this popped up...

Art imitating art, isn't it. It's such a odd coincidence that almost wants to make one laugh with tears. In a way one could almost make a convulted comparsion between the almighty Sacchin and Yoriko, in that they are both characters that are apparently not meant to last the duration of their show, yet still madly in love with the main character (who doesn't see it coming until it's too late).

Now to be honest Sacchin doesn't have cat ears and isn't a maid and didn't ever really get to make a move on Shiki - isn't it sad? - but the untimely coincidence of her popping up when say, it could have thrown one of about 80 other non-Sacchin wallpapers on (although I really do need more of her) really serves in a way to compound the emotion of Yoriko's episode.

So I guess the point here is that other than that, Yoriko wins at Da Capo; although she's basically a typical maid-type character; kind of shy, bad at cooking, a behind-the-scenes person - it's almost ironic that Yoriko's VA did Hisui in Melty Blood; if you ever wanted to know what Hisui looks like with less of a stoic outer shell and with, um, cat ears, I think Yoriko would make a good substitute.

Yoriko: Sugar-free Hisui, for when Hisui is so moe you're gonna die, or whatever that phrase was.

Her ridiculous struggles with walking outside (i.e. omfg other people) are similar in both silliness and cuteness to Hisui's struggles with physical contact (i.e. omfg dirt). Yoriko, although somewhat shy and out of the way, does have confidence it seems when things come down to crunch time; tilting towards the Mina Yayoi end of the shy scale rather than, say, Kaede Fuyou. And yeah, I suppose one has to appreciate a character that is able to come to grasp with the limited flow of time, and that is able to sacrifice oneself for the greater good (Nemu).

Myself, being much less mature, thinks "Should've voted for Sakura, then all this wouldn't have to happen..."