Lucky Star Imitates Art, Part 15

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Evil Miyuki not related, but highly interesting.

One of the most famous and/or infamous aspects of Lucky Star is the references. The constant allusions to past and present anime series either thrill or annoy fans. Somehow it almost seems like that like/hate ratio is similar to the percentage of people that can correctly identify the reference.

Part of the appeal is probably the game show factor, the "Aha! I know this" feeling when one can figure out some more of the obscure/hidden references, such as the Mayumi poster or any of the other massive piles of otaku mechandise in Konata's room.

But, is there a point where, like in-game advertising, it goes beyond being neat and adding to the realism, and just becomes tacky? Perhaps. After the jump, etc etc.

First off, let's look at what I consider a 'good' type of reference. This is the type of the reference, that, if you don't look closely, may not appear to be one, but then if you take your prior viewings into account, you just might end up with something:

Rich girl? Check. Dog? Check. Huge white dog? Mmhmm. (Sakaki? Yay!)

Nothing wrong with these references of course, since they're usually short (a line or two) and don't detract much. They're the type of reference particularly geeky people like I would make when conversing with friends - even those who have different passions like Star Trek, or particular sports, are probably familiar with adding references into daily conversation.

Type two is the 'amusing' reference, the ones that are so over the top they are highly awesome. Think of the Initial D parody in episode 6, and you'll have a good idea of the Da Capo parody in 15. (P.S. still only on episode 4 of DC) You'll like it either because 1) you get it or 2) it's so ridiculous. Maybe all of the above.

The 'gratuitous' references are the ones that come under the most among of fire. Predictably these are also known as the 'Haruhi' references. To be short Haruhi is everywhere in Lucky Star. Konata's ringtone is Hare Hare Yukai, they go to conventions and buy Haruhi doujinshi (and Nagato cards), random Haruhi posters/figurines are everywhere, and yes, Aya Hirano sings God Knows at a Haruhi concert. Overexposure? Of course. But sometimes I wonder if all the scorn is from the fact that it's either Haruhi (a popular target for anti-factions) or the same production studio - and as such, it appears a lot like advertising.

A similar vein is the Haruhi look-alikes. Some things are better left unknown, such as the fact that Haruhi's English VA is 50 or that this green haired quiet girl who happens to like books is voiced by the same woman who did Yuki Nagato. As such, it's incredibly hard to ignore the fact that this girl that looks, speaks, and kind of acts the same as Yuki...is not Yuki. KyoAni, you know that we love Yuki to death and back, but...come on, you're just mocking us now. No imposters allowed.

At least there's some inflection to her voice in Episode 15, as opposed to 14 which was straight Yuki.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of these references, even though I do enjoy all the other ones which should be just as blatant as these - maybe it's because the Haruhi references are the ones played the most straight, and as such, aren't as funny as Konata's dad randomly shouting "Henshin" or Konata going all shiny and galge.

What's your opinion on all the references? Like? Dislike? Kill with fire? Just remember - we're talking about an aspect of Lucky Star here. It's not whether you like the series or not as a whole. If you don't like Lucky Star then it's pretty obvious you won't like this part of it either.

And if you don't like Tsukasa, go burn. :P


I like Tsukasaaaa! ;_;

No burny plz.

Anyhow, I agree with this assessment. The Haruhi references do make me laugh though, only because I imagine KyoAni is actually aware of how obnoxious it is. They aren't advertising for Haruhi -- it's already ridiculously popular, but they are advertising for themselves. After all, if your product was as successful as Haruhi, wouldn't you want the kudos?

But beyond that, it may just be that Haruhi is treated as the beloved daughter, and so they want to lend it more appreciation than ever. Some creators are like that.

The Haruhi references were funny to start, but they are getting old. I like the cross-references to other shows like (as you said) Initial D and Da Capo, and that's what it should be: all over the board if you're doing a parody show. When I learned how many connections LS had to Haruhi it graduated in my mind from homage to annoying, and I would like to see the Haruhi references toned down a bit. I didn't think of it as advertising, but I'm starting to agree.

However, Minoru Shiraishi singing Hare Hare Yukai is classic no matter what else was going on.

Speaking of references: I don't know if this is a coincident or not, but that shot of evil Miyuki you've got at the top of the entry actually looks identical to a scene from Ghost Hunt where Masako gets possessed.
And as for Haruhi references - well if this in some form or another contributes to the second season being made, or getting a bigger budget, I suppose I won't complain ... too much.

Minami, the "Yuki clone" as you've said was not a homage to Yuki Nagato considering that's they way she acted in the manga. She just fills the archetype of a silent protoganist. It just happens she was voiced by same VA as Yuki which is probably as a jab in humor by Kyoani.

I guess the recent Kamen Rider reference would fit in to the "amusing" category.

TBH, I don't really mind the Haruhi references. I mean, self-reference isn't even big compared to the outside-references the series makes.

hidoshi: Well, I guess my gripe is more that the Haruhi references come off to me as more...product placement than self-reference. Stuff like Dramatic Anime Store's "Haruhi DVD #5's in stock!!" or Random Haruhi Truck at Comiket.

But then again, valid points have been raised that if not Haruhi, what else?

avid elite: Yeah, but the WaWaWa song was better. :P

anonymous: I guess what I was trying to get across was that since the character had a Yuki-type personality, and Yuki's voices with almost the same sound, it was really difficult for me not to picture her as Yuki, which annoyed me because Minami is decidedly different from Yuki.

Good to know she's the same as in the manga though. Wasn't sure how much liberty they were taking, especially with the "she likes books" line.

Mikoto: I guess so, because I didn't catch that reference. XD

But in the end, I think KyoAni is making fun of me, as Haruhi has a crucial part in Episode 16 (Konata's Cosplay Cafe), according to early raw screencaps, and it doesn't look too bad after all...

Well, since you didn't catch it, it's when Konata's dad does the "henshin" pose. Such an obvious parody but very amusing since it makes you realize that Lucky Star's references caters not only to anime fans but also fans of live action stuff and Japanese media in general.

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