Haruhi II: Are you watching closely?

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You want to be fooled.

But you wouldn't clap yet.

Because making something dissapear isn't enough...

you have to bring it back.
-Alfred Borden, The Prestige (2006)

Forgive me, it's a good movie for quotes. And I had to stick in the old image of the now infamous "Haruhi Returns" to fit the theme of the quote.

But, with any luck, this time it should be for real. According to the Animesuki forums, Newtype's advance copy of its August issue has that picture above that translates to something vaguely resembling 'the second period/season of Haruhi Suzumiya', or at least we hope.

The official word is supposed to be out July 7th (Tanabata, as I've heard), so, hold your breath for 48 hours or whatnot. But it seems reliable this time; you guys can trust Konata, right?

In any case, I know I want to be fooled.

(Thanks to Heisei Democracy and Kurogane's Anime Blog for pictures)


Meh, who cares about a second season for a show that was all hype and no substance ?

Maybe the people who actually liked it? Really, everyone has different tastes. Anyone, even alot of the people who really didn't like Haruhi, could see that it did have substance. Quite alot, almost as equal or more to some of the other shows out there. The people that didn't like merely didn't care for said substance.

I think the better question here is... just what does "substance" mean? If you're trying to imply that anime should have some deeper message or meaning...


...maybe you should stop watching anime.

rift, that was utter win.