Coronet/Taiyaki Wars - Art Imitates Art

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Unable to screenshot the pictures or anything, but here's the facts in today's shortpost:

The famous Lucky Star coronet eating scene ("What end do you eat it from?") in episode 1...has a twin brother. *dramatic revelation music*

Set the stage: Azumanga Daioh episode 16, the 2nd Culture Festival. Osaka and Chiyo, on their break, are eating taiyaki.

Osaka: "Y'know how some people eat taiyaki starting from the end and others eat it starting from the tail? Which do you start eating it from?"

Surely these kind of conversations aren't incredibly common. But, the question is; coincidence, or something far more sinister?

To be honest though, a parody in this style is too subtle for Lucky Star of the Haruhi Vans/Doujins/Figurines/Ringtones/Books/DVDs/Message Boards/Conversations. C'mon, at least get some diversity in there.

Well, they have a Rimu RX-7, if anything else.


Awesome find, dude! I did not realize that, having seen both series. Good memory you have.