Think you're an Ayu fan?

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Well, get a load of this; the Kanon artbook thingy was released recently, and guess what they had as an extra: a CD full of uguu~

No, not like, music and uguu~, or like, nyuu~ and uguu~. Just 10 straight minutes of uguu~. Ten minutes! Incidentally, there are 86 variations of uguu~ on the CD.

Even if you can't stand Ayu, it's still worth a listen just because it's so hilarious, to me, the thought of releasing a 'soundtrack', as it is, of straight uguu~ness. Well done, well done. Here's the link.

Loop it. I dare you.

(thanks to Moe Moe Rabu for the links, and Random Curiosity for the below picture)

Also, while searching the web for suitable Ayuguu~ pictures, here's an interesting comparo I dug up...

And you always wondered what Mikuru's real identity was...




Funny, I can imagine Mikuru doing that. >.>