The Hit List - what to watch over the summer

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Alright, we'll get back to the episode summaries in due time, but since final exams bog students like me down in the meantime, it's time for another quick post about everything and anything, but most likely, nothing.

(Lucky Daioh, the blog?)

So, I take a look at all the anime that's in the pile for 'possible watching' over the summer. Given, of course, the endlessly long days for summer, it's always a good chance to burn off some of the immense backlog of old shows that I've accumulated.

Following the jump is a quick summary of all the anime I've got in the queue or lying around, and a list of why, or why not, it might be the right choice.

Lucky Star
* An anime with no substance but a lot of stuff. Based off a little-known 4-panel comic revolving around the lives of 4 high school girls; one anime/game freak, one rich meganekko, and a pair of twins with wildly different personalities.
* GOOD JOB!: What it lacks in plot it delivers in moe, in spades. Tsukasa's the cutest character this side of an eroge anime, and the other three girls (plus Lucky Channel) deliver plenty of smiles and laughs. A good fluff anime, for when you want to laugh and not think.
* This isn't fun at all!: If you want to marathon anime, Lucky Star isn't it. Given the source, there's no continuity between episodes, or even 5 minute segments. If you want something worthwhile you might want to turn elsewhere. Also, running live, so episodes only come once a week.
* Verdict: I'm enough of a KyoAni whore and a Tsukasa fanboy to keep watching this one. Works well in small doses.

Tokimeki Memorial
* Harem-ish anime revolving around transfer student Riku Aoba and 3 girls fighting - although maybe not explictily - for his affection. Competition includes the popular girl, the shy underclassman, and the energetic clingy girl.
* Mina (good stuff): Character designs are a little fresh, and put a spin on the usual stereotypes. Reality is ignored frequently in favor of a humorous, creative school environment.
* Sayuri (lame stuff): We know who's going to win, unless a miracle happens. Suspension of disbelief occasionally goes a bit too far. Subs are a bit slow, although word is they're getting back on track.
* Verdict: Watching this one to the bitter, bitter end. Hoping the series will stay strong without losing that special touch.

Wangan Midnight
* A racing anime. That's about all you need to know. Akio Asakura takes the Devil Z, an underpowered 80's car (sound familiar?) on a pwnage tour of the Wangan highway. Not much to say yet - the first episode just aired.
* Top Gear: Looks pretty.
* Wrecked: Racing anime have the ugliest character designs. Probably going to end up predictable. Only 2 episodes a month.
* Verdict: Still under consideration - the first episode is downloading as we speak.

AIR (R1):
* Based on an eroge, AIR is the typical Key game with a intricate and sometimes confusing plot. Yukito, a traveler, is searching for the fabled 'girl in the sky' his mother taught him about. Which one of the three girls, each with a sad past, could it be?
* Flying High: It's Key. It's been proved awesome. Seen it once, would see it again, except now on the big screen.
* Grounded: R1 release = costs money. Kleenex = more money. Ending is still under debate as to whether it's fulfilling or not.
* Verdict: Probably worth it, as I've only given it one pass through.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (R1):
* If you don't know what Haruhi is, go buy it. Now. Or, Wiki it or something. It defies description.
* The Awesome of Haruhi Suzumiya: It's Haruhi. I'm sold already. Plus, DVD 2 features 200% more Yuki less-than-three-age.
* The Slightly Less Awesome of Haruhi Suzumiya: Again, R1 = money. Other than that, Itsuki.
* Verdict: Preordered.

To Heart 2:
* A harem-type school days anime recounting Takaki's adventures with a bunch of strange, but relatively normal girls.
* Good Stuff: It's on the fluffy side, it's easy to understand, it's believable, Karin.
* Bad Stuff: It's on the fluffy side, it's easy to understand, it's believable. Nothing really stands out about it.
* Verdict: If there's time I don't see why not, but there doesn't seem to be time.

Shuffle! Memories:
* A recap series, retelling the intertwined stories of the god and demon realms, the human world, and 5 cute girls. Harem anime? Yup. But falls towards the 'deep story' side luckily.
* Magic: Girls all have touching backstories and much more depth than meets the eye, an extra episode at the end, Shuffle! the original was good, how could this be worse?
* Boxcutter'd: Story is chopped up into pieces and rearranged, fanservice a bit on the excessive side at times, it's a clip show for crying out loud. There's only one new episode.
* Verdict: Back of the list like To Heart 2. Might be worth it to skip around episodes - maybe ignore some arcs (Asa and Rimu's, most likely) and just go straight to the new content.

Kazon Kazahana:
* An OVA produced after the main run of Kanon 2002. Not much is known about the plot but I think it involves more Makoto.
* Jam (strawberry): More Kanon.
* Jam (deadly): By Toei.
* Verdict: It's a one-episode OVA about Kanon, how could it hurt?

Azumanga Daioh:
* It's like Lucky Star, but normal. Alternatively, Lucky Star is like this, but crazy. A 4-panel comic adaptation of the school lives of a wide cast of female students (plus two teachers).
* Wai: Gag-a-minute action, relatively amusing, characters are very varied.
* Kowai: Less substance than air, can get predictable, everybody lacks color coding.
* Verdict: Only one episode is not enough to keep or drop. On the edge right now, not looking favorable.

Also, in honorable mention, here's a bunch of series that I have listed down as 'give a shot' but I really know nothing about, due to them being stolen from Stripey and/or random spots on the intarweb: Honey & Clover, Da Capo, Fate/Stay Night, Da Capo, ONE, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.

Something says this summer is going to go fast.