Shuffle! 12 - very shoddy, incomplete version

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Bloody hell...my post got eaten by the intarweb again. In place of a well-written write up I leave you my raw notes and screencaps for this episode. I may rewrite it later when I have more time, but I'm having trouble sticking to any semblance of a schedule during AP Testing season.





Summer memories reminding me of Air - it won't end there, will it...?
-> Nerine says last day of break, finish homework?
DIFFERENT TITLE CARD. Foreshadowing and serious. music sucks
my eyes gloss over when faced with math too. or is that the reason, Rin? :P (bowchickabowwow)
the God/Demon game analogy continues; funny that they really treat N/S x Rin as such
summer progression, silent stills of everybody (Itsuki picking up a girl??)
and now back to Kaede, who's been absent for a bit.
Primula is more conversational than a Nagato type
-> more strange happenings with Primula and the tea (a LOT of tea...)
and Asa shows up 'hitting on' Rin during the sketch of course
-> wild theory: importance of Asa's hair ribbon
-> Even Asa supports a Kaede ending??
Asa seems the most harem-aware, yet doesn't seem to bring up herself...
Rin is smart and votes for harem ending - also known as peaceful coexistance
There are certainly hints at Asa's high standing with Rin but it's not blatantly obvious; and nothing higher than Sia's level
Kareha: different phrase now? is she the equivalent of a shipper?
Itsuki's glasses shiny never gets old
Primula likes rainbow, hates turning things to ice (King Midas) and passing out
-> This is where 'frozen summer' comes from; thought it would be a time-loop episode
Different eyecatch, now with 100% more loli (and non-loli) cleavage. scary. o_O
this is where the serious part of the story kicks in...?
122 degree fever on Primula, mildly high!
Sia/Nerine hiding things from Rin again with fever?
Primula has 3 cats now?
oshi, God/Demon become USEFUL??
despite Primula's apparent connection to Nerine, it is revealed that she is an fox/kitsune that took the form of a human "artificial life-form"
-> explains the test-tube bit in the opening
Demon has a nice example of magic with the breaking/unbreaking of glass. impressive.
Annoying vagueness, as expected - we'll see how this turns out.
Primula can create 'miracles' - did this cause her to faint? the power of unleashing miracles unwillingly on the flowers...
-> powers equalling energy drain is reminding me of Cardcaptor Sakura, Sakura Card Arc
and I think this is the first time in ever Kaede and Rin are alone.
Kaede, stop saying you can't do anything. like, now.
Rimu doesn't like the demons - perhaps this is a regretting-creation issue?
-> or is it just care for Rin
Connection between Nerine + Primula made (control)
and emotion is proved to be bad? emotion is key to the miracle power
-> also reminding of another anime that shall remain unspoiled (vaguely)
Rin's working on the boat again.
More Nerine foreshadowing - losing someone a 'second' time...
-> what was the first...
and a Rimu flashback?? to the time where she was abandoned?
Rin uses the really-super-deep-full-bow to beg Primula to go back - why does it work?
the plants are crying...??
she took her cats and left Rin's..
this feels like the beginning of a Rimu arc...but will we see her again??

and, why did she get sick...?