Kanon 8 - Changing of the (plot) guards

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Ready to be rocked like a hurricane?

Makoto's story kicks into full gear in episode 8, and we get the full introduction of her supporting character, Mishio Amano. What she has in store for Yuuichi is unlike anything you're seen so far...

No, Mai in the school in night is not revolutionary and WTF worthy. Yet. This revelation, is.

Predictable? Not up to this point. But from here on out you know what's going to happen, pretty much. But, as always, they do live, as Amano says, within a fleeting miracle...

Makoto's going to be OK. It's an anime. They have happy endings.
Makoto's going down. It's an anime. They want to make you cry.

(Emo style writing.
Overused gags.)

Which is it?

Or maybe, a third option?

Well, if you haven't watched the rest of the series (and I can't imagine why - Kanon's beginning to get a little 'old' by now, finishing 3 months ago. I'm probably the last of the bloggers), this is where you can go leave, and find out.

For the rest of you, carry on through rain, sleet, and intense spoilers (for pretty much all of Kanon) after the jump. Onward!

Mai's scene comes earlier than usual in this episode, still in the school, as Yuuichi approaches her between classes to ask for some more plot foreshadowing. She replies by saying she has nothing more to say about Makoto, as she's passed the plot baton to her second-in-charge killer humanoid Amano.

A bit of plot for her own story almost seems likely here, with Mai's quote of "I am unable to do anything." Yes, Mai, but for who? You are in a predicament from which you can't escape on your own - as much as you would like to think so, and despite all your attempts.

We get more Amano "foreshadowing" as she conspiciously walks by, and pretends to not be important at all. It's hardly foreshadowing with all the focus on her, and the short period between not knowing her and knowing her, but the little things count.

Makoto comes along out of nowhere, hiding vaguely like an animal (although that's a stretch of definition again). The two walk and make small talk - of which neither is particularly good at - and Yuuichi goes all scary, shiny, and in the wake of Lucky Star 7 I'm tempted to say Marimite without even having watched it. That's a new word right there:

Going Marimite: To undergo a temporary change in character that is highly more feminine (or in case of males highly pretty-boy) than usual.

There's a voiceless montage which signifies Yuuichi's dropping of his entire harem for Makoto and Amano threesome plot. He talks with Amano briefly, who is as ice queen as she will be for the next few episodes.

Surprisingly, we get the flashbacks earlier than expected for the loli Yuuichi connection. It's not just for Ayu^2 anymore! The first bit is just of Loli Yuuichi mentioning the name, but there will be more - and surprisingly, in this episode too...

In the meantime we get some more fluffy Makoto scenes as the two spend fun time together. Makoto's weakness (stemming from her foxiness, duh...uh, please shoot me) begins to become apparent - this is the first mention of her weakening, although there's very little attention drawn to it at this point.

Makoto. Sawarari Makoto. (or alternatively: This Makoto. This Makoto. This Makoto. This Makoto. This Makoto. Dissapear. This Makoto is an eyesore. Wait, no she isn't.)

Yuuichi paints a large part of the picture at night, revealing the identity of the real Sawatari Makoto, but in true plot fashion leaves out the most important part of the picture: who - or rather, what - would know that name, and why.

He talks with Amano the next day and achieves nothing, as she reiterates most of the known stuff for a while and Yuuichi cuts her off (it is not hug plot time now) right when she gets to the important part - what Makoto really was.

And now for intermission: Piro version Nayuki!

Makoto takes the plot lead from where Yuuichi left off, taking him to Monomi Hill again, the mysteriously grassy and not snowy hill. She remembers spending a long time here - obvious plot dropping here. Also, in other news, why is there so much important stuff at the top of hills? Whether it's Ayu's school, Makoto's birthplace, or, uh...I guess that's it. But it seems that every character has an important spot, at least. Except for Nayuki, because there's no Nayuki love. Isn't it sad, Sacchin Nayuki?

Makoto continues to weaken as she trips at the spot of her abandonment, and takes a noticeably long time getting up. She also has trouble folding paper airplanes, although I suppose if she's clever it could just be a ruse to get Yuuichi to spend time with her, but Makoto is as clever as Ayu is tall.

She drops the chopsticks also, for added drama.

Plot strikes when you least expect it:

The manga scene is not only an important scene for Makoto, in that it'll be repeated many times, but also it seems like the manga would be the type that's an allegory for Makoto and Yuuichi. If this was a Makoto ending (scary thought, no?) it would be Makoto x Yuuichi plotmaking right here. Love between Makoto and Yuuichi, occuring when you least expect it? (because, y'know, they used to hate each other) Right on the dot.

Of extremely important note is the way Makoto reacts in response to the topic of marrying Yuuichi. In this scene she's very much against it, but just wait until a few episodes when she's weak and willing...in conclusion, protip: If you're having no luck finding a husband/bride, fall terminally ill. Works wonders.

Speaking of weddings, when Yuuichi and Makoto go out on the town later she expresses a lot of interest (in a little of screentime) in wedding dresses. Right, Makoto. You don't want to get married to Yuuichi. Suuuuuuuure. Also, for the right screenshot, about Yuuichi taking care of her, I'm sure neither know the extent to which that will become true...

That night, Makoto sleeps with Yuuichi in Yuuichi's bed while he faps watches sleeplessy and muses about plot. Actually, Makoto's the one foreshadowing here, as she shows a bit of her true feelings (obviously towards Yuuichi). The lesser enlightened might look to a past relationship broken, and they're right, but not in the way that you think...

Yuuichi begins to go all monologue-y again and gives the iconic Ayu line about being in a dream. Almost important, but there's not a big connection to be made here.



Er, surprisingly enough, Yuuichi gives it all away a little bit early in a monologue right after Makoto's done crying (funnily enough, one of the only times she does. her tear ducts are rather restrained for a Kanon girl). Loli Yuuichi spent a lot of time with Tails the fox that Makoto used to be. All we're missing is the abandonment scene.

Amano puts some icing on the cake here with some final quotes. She gives away the Kanon theme of 'fleeting miracles', and also reveals one reason why she's so cold and distant - the fact that she's been through the same thing as Yuuichi (it's implied, anyway). It's too bad we never really go into more depth of Amano like we did with the Sayuri~ flashbacks.

And now, for 2 episode of Makoto dying. It seems a bit long in comparisons to the other characters, with 10 episodes only adding up to 1 girl, but in retrospect not a lot of those episodes were entirely Makoto devoted - the first 5, 6 were harem introductions. And if we took an episode away from Makoto, where would we put it? Mai and Shiori are short, but they had plenty of plot in their 3/4 episodes - especially since they have small scenes in every episode previous. Nayuki could always use some more, but what would be used to fill it? Nayuki's incredibly cute and awesome yes, but I wouldn't watch 24 minutes of just sleepy/Piro Nayuki. I think.

More Ayu? Dear God Haruhi in 5 days!! dead horse gag no, I wouldn't think so. She got plenty of time.

So, let Makoto have a longer arc. She's the only one that doesn't end up coming back anyway...which would make more rant material. Shiori, Akiko, Mai, all lovable characters, top tier. At least 1 of them shouldn't have survived.