Kanon 7 + Piro (cat) + Yuki (references) + plot = MegaKanon

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You got your plot in my Makoto!

You got your Makoto in my plot!

Kanon 7: more plot, less words. The foreshadowing and the plot starts now, so if you're currently watching Kanon, break out the tissues. But keep your pants zipped up, for the love of God Haruhi whatever.

This episode deals largely in neko, with a mysterious cat introduced that will become central to the plot and the Minase household. OK, maybe more the latter than the former, but still, you can't just pass it off.

Extreme plot spoilers for the entire series if you continue past the jump, so, uh, be forewarned or something.

Alright, perhaps the entire series is a bit of a lie, as we're largely in Makoto's arc now and there won't be too many all encompassing spoilers, but still, better safe than sorry as most of Makoto's background is hinted at here.

But enough of that, let's have some Nayuki for once.

This is about as much Shift+6 faces we'll see for the next few episodes, as the plot will get serious as Makoto runs away, comes back, runs away, comes back, runs away, and dies, in some vague order. Of note is Akiko's incredible jam control power - the jam can giveth strength and it can taketh away. Or perhaps worse.

Also, who eats rice with strawberry jam? Teriyaki sauce for me.

And then we get 1) the cat, and 2) Nayuki going crazy over cats, followed by 3) Nayuki being way allergic to cats and not caring. This isn't overwhelmingly important, except for the fact that Piro will show up later in the episode and OMFG THEY'RE HOLDING arms HANDS LOLBBQ!

Where's my Nayuki ending? =(

Finally, bonus points to Yuuichi for remembering Nayuki's allergies.

Next up in line is Shiori, whose invisible cold is as fierce as ever. Although perhaps it's a good thing we don't see her deathly sick (see: Mai's mom or the magical girl at the end of Shuffle!), as her story's cliched enough already without a bunch of coughing. Shiori is as less-than-three as ever, though, with the dream of the 10 meter (~30 feet?!) snowman.

Also, yes, the screenshot is plot. She doesn't want to go home because that's where Kaori who ignores her is. Sad Kaori. And Shiori. In snow.

Next up is Ayu, whose scene in the shopping district is earlier than usual. They do something useless that I didn't bother to screencap because it's Ayu (aka 19 episodes of searching for Nonexistant Lost Thing, then 5 episodes of emo). I still find it strange that Ayu leaves at the same time as Yuuichi - it's not blatant foreshadowing but the fact that they're so closely tied really makes me believe that Fake Ayu is a part of Yuuichi's imagination, even though the canon theory is that she's a spectral projection. How else would she get the red hairband?

When Ayu leaves, we get a shot of a quiet purple (?) haired humanoid interface girl who is completely irrelevant and definitely not important to Makoto's story at all. So forget about her.

Another stretch of logic, but Makoto sure likes following Yuuichi around a lot, even for a usual harem member. It feels like something that could be attributed to her animal nature - like how pets always follow around their owners?

Speaking of, it's Piro again. How the hell did he find Yuuichi again? Must be some aura he's giving off. Also, in stretches of foreshadowing, animals like animals, right? That's why Piro likes Makoto, right? Right?

Piro and Makoto engage in Nikuman Wars, and Kyon Yuuichi dishes out another witty remark that can be construed as some foreshadowing. Gee, I wonder why she's so dense, don't you? Now you know...

Anyway, we get the highway scene, where Makoto goes all funny with weird camera angles and mysterious speeches. She of course is referring to her own past, when she was thrown out (perhaps she does not know the full truth).

Piro gets dropped, deux ex machina kicks in and he lives. Yuuichi resists the urge to pimp-slap Makoto as she runs away.

Life is sad back at the Minase base, and Akiko proves again that she can, at the very least, sound like she knows everything that's going on. Perhaps it's just because the 'missing children' search has been futile but she is very correct in saying Makoto has no other home, in both fox and human form.

Yuuichi runs around searching for Makoto, and ends up on the Very Important Bench. Unfortunately, he is not late and nobody is late for him. No Ayu for you.

Eventually he figures out what harem member is missing their scene and he rushes to the school at night to go talk to Mai Who Knows Everything (Almost As Much As Akiko). I've noted it a thousand times but the amount of foreshadowing Mai can dish out is second only to her awesomeness factor; both being through the roof of course. Why is that, though - the former, of course!

Eventually Yuuichi finds Makoto up at Monomi Hill, the hill which is all grassy despite it being Eternal Winter in Kanon. Is this another magical aspect of this area? Aside from, y'know, the foxes.

Makoto continues to sound all deep and confusing when she talks about her and the cat being similar, which is true both on the exterior and the interior level. No explanation should be needed by now.

Finally, as Yuuichi carries Makoto down the hill, he sees a Completely Unimportant Fox; of course a representation of the 'special foxes' on the hill, that turn into humans and make them depressed. I wonder how many of the foxes are there.

Next time, on Kanon: More plot, more Makoto, and less of Completely Unimportant Purple Haired Girls created by the Data Integration Entity. Or maybe not.