Kanon 4 - Metal Gear Ayu

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Wai for pie Mai!

Still essentially a fluff episode, as Yuuichi explores the town some more and gets to know people better. But the gears of Kanon are beginning to turn at the end of the episode with a girl in the school at night...

As always, these posts include massive damage spoilers, so if you haven't finished the series, go do it, now. See you in 10 hours.

The episode begins with the third consecutive Ayu Ayu flashback, looking up at the trees from the ground. Strangely this time it's not sunset; maybe it's a slightly different scene...

Also, she mentions how the dreams stopped ending, which hints at the whole 'time stopped' thing about being in a coma. For seven years. Hello, medical bills.

Also, we get an Ayu Ayu flashback (like, not just a dream sequence). Loli Yuuichi really waited for her. How sweet. If only he could remember in seven years...

Anyway, lots of stuff happens that I've already forgot because it has the 'happy fluffy stuff happening' music (see: during Nayuki's marathon in 19). I think this is when Yuuichi delivered Akiko's bento to Nayuki in the gym scene, and spent forever checking her out chilling there. In the cold.

Too bad that Yuuichi didn't manage to pull off a shy girl impression, it would've been hilarious to see him reverse and mimic the 'please eat my bento! *deep bow, blush*' scene.

Anyway, we get to Plot Development Kaori, who just doesn't feel like going home. Why? Because Shiori is there. And Shiori makes the Misakis emo. Because she's dying. Tear.

Also, she mentions how hard Nayuki is working, and tells Yuuichi not to be too mean to her. I wonder how much Nayuki told Kaori about her past with him - for instance, the snowbunny scene. I mean, it's obvious that Nayuki likes Yuuichi, everyone in a 5-mile radius can pick that out, but I don't know how much beyond that is evident...

Ayu meets Akiko, and we get another 'Ayu learns something new' scene. It's not quite as blindingly obvious as the 'what's a cell phone' question, but it still remains that Ayu doesn't know very much, because apparently in 1999 everyone was stupid.

Also, Akiko remembers that she's the person that knows everything in this series, such as the real state of Ayu. She shows this by the typical 'oh look, I remembered something' stare, followed by the 'it's nothing. no, really' utterly convincing cover-up.

Makoto shows more of her animal instincts, such as being very shy around people that she doesn't know, such as Ayu, who is infiltrating the Minase household with increased frequency. Stalker.

And of course we go to the school, with Mai, her awesome music, a sword, and lots of WTF for first-timers. And for the second timers? Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Unabashed Mai fan here. Carrying on~ Oh wait, episode's over. See you next time, with more Mai plot revelations, more Ayu plot revelations (almost), and freaking awesome Shiori at sunset. With plot revelations. For Ayu. Hmph.