Shuffle! - Episode 3 (now with 200% more flashbacks)

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(apologies about the low image quality; I'm screencapping them off Youtube)

What I've noticed about Shuffle! is that it certainly seems to move a lot quicker than other harem anime.

2 episodes in we already have what seem to be the main harem completely introduced (Kaede, Sia, the blue-hair one, and Primula/Rimu/loli jailbait/whatever, and the green-haired sempai that no one sees coming), and now with the third episode we have what can technically be termed the fastest meeting-to-confession, ever.

Although Kaede was rather possessive in episode 1 when fighting off the Defence Forces. Speaking of, we could do much better off without these otaku; as funny as their obsession may be, it's a pain staring at them - I don't care if we really are that damn ugly in real life, we don't need that photorealistic depiction.

Also, that stampede-chasing-harem-lead joke's already done to death in TokiMemo Only Love. (despite it coming later chronologically XD) Why is it that the harem characters are so immensely popular at their schools?

While I'm busy breaking the time-space universe now would be a nice time to notice that even Shuffle! contains some retroactive Kyonisms, defined as 'hyperbolic statements that could very end up being true in this situation'. Rin and Kyon, after all, do share the same VA.

If you want to talk about story I suppose that it is getting somewhere. If this is organized in arcs then Sia is up first, and it's only thanks to that fact that I've figured out her name by now.

With the amazing trio of childhood friends in Shuffle! I have a feeling that I'm going to be seeing lots of annoying flashbacks to when Rin was busy being more of a pimp at age 8. Funny that. Maybe I'm just tired of all that stuff; it seems to be dime-a-dozen that in visual novels (eroge?) that the protagonist has no memory of his pimpitude as a child, presumably because something traumatic happens, like your entire family getting killed or somebody falling out of a tree.

Still waiting to pass judgment as I liked this episode more than the previous one, and I'm hoping the story picks up and really gets going in the next episode or two. I know where (who) this story ends, so I'm really interested in how, how the bloody hell do we get there.

I leave you with the girl so obsessed about final exams that she manages to change her eye color. One of them, anyway. I will have to watch for signs of this around finals week at our school.