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Staple of Harem Shows #324 - Beach Episode!!

The obligatory beach episode gets off to an awkward amusing start when topless God- and Demon-chan chase each other across the beach in an entirely heterosexual manner while the rest of the eye-candy - uh, harem watches on.

We get about a million body pans of all the girls, at least one for everyone and TWO for Nerine, who comes equipped with the school-swimsuit, to pander to Rin's presumed schoolgirl-fetish. (as her father says, anyway) Given that he's a schoolboy himself I doubt we could call that a fetish but rather something natural. Nerine gains advantage by being, em, overly equipped in the chest area, also.

And on the other end of the scale is Mayumi, who still has two-color eyes, for no reason. She claims to be a rarity in the world (which is likely true, especially in anime) by being flat-chested, and thus is catering to a niche. Itsuki is hilariously candid by saying that although that may be true, Mayumi ranks in as flatter than resident loli Primula. (who, by the way, is in the exact swimsuit Itsuki pictured a few episodes back)

By the way, screw the RRR, SSS, and AAA, I'd go for the FCA all the way. ^^

Strangely, for much of the episode, Rin seems to be rather cool-headed amidst the plethora of superball-chested women, and he doesn't spend quite as much time being stunned as he usually does. Maybe he's learned it's better for his health not to stare this way.

Although he is caught with his hand in the cookie jar (let's hope it's the cookie jar anyway) a few times, which Itsuki, as always, never fails to notice and quip about. I'm just glad the fanboy clubs haven't made their way to the beach.

The first part of this episode is devoted to everyone's favorite well-proportioned, blue-haired demon, who apparently can't swim either and thus spends a very long time clinging to Rin, annoying much of the rest of the harem. Rin continues to be oblivious to this and gives Nerine all of his attention in an entirely clean swimming lesson. Sia eventually gets jealous of this and takes care of Nerine himself, giving Rin some time off.

We get some more amusing moments away from Rin as Itsuki pulls the 'hitting-on-the-teacher' gag by accident (and this won't be the only time), and Rimu starts a running gag with the building of many sand castles which will be pwned by waves at any empty moment in the episode.

Rimu has her appeals too, apparently.

We have a couple moments of quiet, the first being with Asa relaxing in a floaty thing, and Rin getting his first moment of relaxation in about 10 episodes (hard, giving that this is only the 9th). Both's rest are quickly destroyed as a wave of perversion washes over Asa, stripping her of
her swimsuit.

Which, I don't think I've ever heard of ever happening before. Only in H-games, kiddies.

Asa quickly shuffles over to Rin to demonstrate the fact that she is not wearing anything above the waste, which as I imagine short-circuits Rin's mind into a thousand pieces.

Asa is subtle as always. Once again, she is the most straightforward and genki of the girls. Meanwhile, Rin dare not look back, or down, because he's gay. Or perhaps, afraid that he'll die if he does.

Although he must be rather innately excited by all the squishy. We don't need the obvious cupping of the hands (that's what it is, right? right!?), Rin.

Anyway, Asa with Rin as body shield runs off to the changing room, where Sia and Nerine come across him. Unfortunately a harem fight does not break out, although Rin comes very close to getting his second groping of the day. He does, however, express a surprising and hilariously candid view of the fanservice all around him. (pictured above)

Sia in particular seems a bit jealous that Rin did not wait to have a threesome with her and Asa (ok, that's a bit of a stretch of the truth), which Rin fervently denies. The tension is broken by a fainting spell by Asa, which she of course plays off as nothing important.

But every detail is always important in anime. You know something's wrong with Asa.

(I do.)

Skip forward to the lunch scene hosted by sugoi chef-u Kaede, where all the guys but Rin prove to have a particularly ravenous appetite. I wonder where they get all the food to feed the Yukito-class eaters.

Also, Asa head-knuckles herself. Squee at your own discretion.

Anyway, the plot finally settles down and kicks in as Sia's arc continues (after Asa and Nerine's earlier introductions in the episode) when she gets her wish to be alone with Rin granted a little too enthusiastically.

Their beach float thing floats out to freaking sea, which is marginally less believable than a wave washing away Asa's top. Also, note Rin has a really hilarious scream here.

Plot? In my fanservice? It's more likely than you think.

Anyway, the two find themselves stranded somewhere else, and they spend a bit exploring until Sia exploits the usual trope and conveniently busts an ankle, forcing the ever-heroic Rin to carry her. Aww.

Sia makes a comment that "they might not be in their own world anymore," which seems very possible given the power of the gods and demons. What would be really amusing if blue giants started to come out of nowhere and trash the landscape; closed space ftw.

Rin shows definite bias towards being attracted to Sia, which seems rather blasphemous but can be passed off as a side effect of Sia's arc. Rin is being put in a very dangerous position though, as he will have to let Sia down later. Everybody knows the first character to have an arc never wins, ever.

The situation gets more dangerous as Rin and Sia come across a malicious animal (wolf/dog?), which freaks them both out for a bit. Rin acts the hero and orders Sia to run away if the beast gets him; Sia obviously refuses due to her incredible crush on Rin. She would never, ever leave him.

And then the beast jumps and they both run like pansies, Rin taking Sia by the hand...right off a cliff. It's rather shocking that they didn't end up on top of each other in a awkward situation again.

The pair end up, just like last episode, staring at the moon again in a romantic manner. They seem resigned to the fact that they are alone in this world, and resolve to become Adam and Eve together.

We get a hand-holding moment, and I don't even know who says the above line but it could be either of the two really, as Rin is being rather nice to all of his harem.

Sia doesn't seem to mind all the H-game screwing that's about to come up with the aforementioned Adam and Eve situation. However, note that Primula is walking by in the background. It seems Rin and Sia got a little too carried away with the 'lost in their own world' idea'...because they're not. It turns out they just floated around the perimeter of the island.

Eventually we get to the near-kiss situation again, which is really surprising coming this early how strongly Rin feels for Sia (or at least, goes along with Sia's plans). Unsurprisingly the kiss is broken in a timely fashion by the showing up of the entire harem. They sound like they've been witnessing the situation for quite a while, which is scary.

As you would imagine the only happy ones in the group are Itsuki and Mayumi, who are very excited to see their Rin in the midst of another scoop-worthy story. Everyone else is rather sad at losing ground in harem status to Sia, especially Kaede. I think I'm going to need to put the 'Isn't it sad, Kaede?' line in every episode from here on out.

Oh yeah, and at the end of the episode, somehow Primula, who is ignoring Rin because she knows she'll get an arc later on, has built a huge, absolutely kickass castle. Major awesome points.

Of course, the ever-present waves of the castle win again. Sad Primula in sand.

All in all, Sia is clearly topping the standings so far in Rin's harem, with Asa pulling in second from all the squishy straight-forwardness she laid on Rin earlier in the episode. Nerine pulls in a few points from her swim lessons with Rin while Kaede and Primula continue to bring up the rear. Sia's still in her arc though, so she can be expected to be Rin's #1 for a while now, but there is no doubt that after her arc ends someone else will step forward to take the spotlight.

For now though, number 10 appears to be another Sia episode, possibly one of her last however. We shall see.



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